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cia landlord insurance
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Peacock insurance services
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Compare Buy-to-Let Landlord Insurance


When you compare buy-to-let insurance or landlord insurance at UKLI Compare today, you get a chance of finding a better deal online. Comparing quotes annually can save you a lot of time searching around the Internet for good landlords insurance.

There are products that make up a good buy-to-let insurance policy, starting with...

Landlord buildings insurance

Does what it says on the tin, it protects your building from disasters such as fire and flooding, which could leave the property unoccupied. A good policy can offer comprehensive cover for full building protection.

Buildings insurance protects your building against:

  • Damage to the building structure
  • Fire/arson
  • Flash flooding
  • Subsidence/water ingress
  • Lightning/thunderstorms
  • Terrorism and vandalism

Do you live in a high-risk flood area?

If you live in a high-risk flood area, a good policy will cover you for repair damage or it can offer alternative accommodation for tenants. Having a policy in place if you have been flooded-out before is a good decisions to make, for obvious reasons.

You can also add rent guarantee insurance if the property becomes unoccupied. (This will cover mortgage payments until you start renting the property out again.)

Protect against fire, flood, subsidence and structure damage.

Buildings only buy-to-let insurance, or compare optional cover, also.


You can add contents insurance here, too.

Landlord Contents Insurance

The next policy you'll see is a landlord contents insurance policy, which will cover the contents of your property properties and it can also cover items in communal areas in flats and elderly accommodation.

  • Landlord contents insurance includes cover for things like fixtures and fittings, carpets, sofas, white goods like washing machines and tumble dryers and other other internal assets owned by the landlord.

It also covers:

  • Damage caused by tenants or burglary*
  • Damage caused by acidental damage
  • Damage caused by malicious damage
  • Theft of property by tenants or break-in

A written policy will have full details.

Protecting your contents with landlord contents insurance.

Contents only landlord insurance, or you can add other cover, also.


You can add buildings insurance here, too.

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

Let's go over some aspects of a policy and see what a policy actually does!

  • Landlords insurance is a type of insurance product that's adjusted for landlords who rent out properties under a business or even one property owners.
  • You may need public liability insurance, employee liability insurance if you employ a ground maintenance team.

  • The central aspect of landlords insurance is buildings insurance, which will cover you for fires and flooding and even subsidence damage. Next, you can add other insurance products like landlord contents insurance or rent guarantee insurance.

  • Other products like landlord home emergency cover, covers the cost from break-in damage on your rented properties. This cover will pay for a locksmith and replacement keys and damaged doors.
  • With home emergency cover, the insurer will leave the property safe and secure at any time of the day.
  • You will have those options to choose from depending on the size of your portfolio.

  • If you are a single property owner, you will have the same opportunities depending on what you want to pay.

BUY TO LET INSURANCE: Landlord Guides*

Other available "add-on" options*

The basic building and contents insurance does most UK landlords, but some landlord's need other business saving options, like these add-ons below. You can buy separate policies from more than one insurer, but sticking to one insurer does save money.

Rent guarantee insurance*

A rent guarantee policy is great for larger landlords with portfolios or buy-to-let landlord with mortgages payment to make.

  • If the tenant stops paying the rent because they can't actually live in your property because of a fire or a flood, how do you deal with that or at least know you have an option with rent guarantee insurance.
  • Rent guarantee insurance is not a way to pay the rent, but it will cover the rent if your insured property takes a disastrous turn. Like a fire breaking out or bad flood wrecks the place.
  • If your property does become uninhabitable a rent guarantee insurance policy will pay the rent, usually for up to 6 months until you start renting it out again.

  • The policy can also payout for alternative accommodation costs for your tenants while the work is being carried out by insurance contractors.

  • If you have a few months finding a good tenant and it lies empty for more than 30 days, you'll need to make sure you have unoccupied property insurance or let your current insurer know about it.

Accidental damage insurance*

Again, it says what it is on the tin; the policy covers accidental damage caused by tenants or members of the public if you have expensive furniture or house contents.

Property owners’ (public liability) insurance*

  • Landlords need insurance if they are working with the public. As well as your building or contents insurance you will have some level of landlord public liability insurance, usually £5 million for claim made against you.

  • Landlord liability insurance will cover you if one of your tenants makes a claim against you, and if it's your fault, you'll be glad you have a policy in place. Remember it is costly if you don't have a live policy and you're under the spotlight and for what it costs - £120 to £150 a year or around that figure.

Landlord emergency assistance insurance

  1. When you have emergency assistance insurance added on to a policy it can offer you peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while your busy or fast asleep in bed at 3 am in the morning.

  2. The add-on cover will pay for things like emergency keys if your tenant loses them, or the policy will replace a smashed window in the middle of the night.

  3. The contractor (an electrician or a joiner) will leave your rented property secure, so no squatter or anyone else can access the property.

  4. If you have a gas boiler or central heating problem, the policy can also pay to repair or replace boilers, radiators and burst pipework.

The cost of buy-to-let landlord insurance?

Well look at it this way - a £110,000 house or flat, all cover for a total loss, damages and everything else that a good policy covers for £120 per year if not cheaper in some cases, and that's for one property by the way.

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