More about insuring your fleet

Your company's fleet of vehicles plays an important part in the overall success and profitability of your business.

  • It is vital that each car, van or lorry is well-maintained and regularly serviced, things that aren't difficult to do.

  • Your fleet also needs motor insurance which protects your assets and personnel.

  • The size of your fleet and the number of drivers employed can make finding insurance time-consuming and complicated. Fleet motor insurance offers a solution to that.

What is motor fleet insurance?

  1. Fleet insurance offers the opportunity to insure your entire fleet of vehicles under one policy which can be taken out in the name of the company, a company director or other person deemed to be responsible.

  2. Essentially, you are buying insurance in bulk and that is likely to bring you savings.

  3. With fleet insurance or motor trade fleet insurance, if that is your business, managing your vehicle insurance requirements is much less time-consuming than dealing with individual policies and dealing with renewals.

How much is motor fleet insurance?

More about insuring your fleet

There is no simple answer to that question.

  • Before you can get a motor fleet insurance quote, you are going to have determined your insurance requirements, including the number and type of vehicles you want to insure.

  • Whether you want to insure specific drivers to drive particular vehicles or have a policy where those with the appropriate license can drive any vehicle in the fleet.

  • The engine size of the vehicles you are insuring, their size and purpose are all things that can affect the cost of insurance.

  • If you can show a potential insurer that your fleet is well-maintaned, you have good driver training policies in place and a good claims history you are likely to be able to realise some discount and result in cheap motor trade insurance.

How does motor fleet insurance work?

  • Motor fleet insurance works like your own personal motor insurance, but for the motor trade, which allows to drive your customers vehicles.

  • You decide your requirements, find a provider that can meet your needs, get a quote and if you are happy as larry, arrange payment.

  • You may be able to pay by an annual lump sum, or by monthly/quarterly installments.

Does a motor fleet insurance policy cover.....?

There are three types of cover:

Comprehensive – this is the most expensive type of insurance and covers damage to your own or another vehicle whether or not your driver was at fault.

Third-party fire and theft - your vehicle is covered for fire and theft only, damage caused to the vehicle of a third-party in a collision is covered.

Third-party only – this offers no protection for your vehicle.

Going over a traders policy*

Today, it is impossible to imagine that a business would want other than comprehensive cover.

  • In terms of what the policy covers, you should always discuss your specific requirements when you take the policy out and you should check limitations and restrictions.

  • If you find something that worries you, you should discuss it with your insurer. Most importantly, your cover needs to be flexible enough to meet your business need.

  • For example, if one of your vehicles breaks down or is involved in an accident, how quickly do you need a response?

  • Do you need a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road? If your business includes traveling to the European mainland, does your insurance cover this?

  • In conclusion, your insurance can cover almost any requirement. But, remember, the more bespoke your policy is, the more expensive it is likely to be.
Van fleet insurance

Who are the best motor fleet insurance providers?

The best fleet insurance provider for your company will be one that best meets your requirements and at a competitive price. However, you should also conduct your own due diligence.

  1. Try and find out as much about an insurance provider as you can, such as, how long they have been in the market, what their assets are, whether they provide trade fleet insurance to any large companies or multinationals.

  2. You can also search the Internet for customer reviews.

  3. You will soon discover whether a provider has problems with the time it takes to settle claims or whether there is a problem with customer service.

  4. Taking time to find cheap motor trade insurance does pay off.

Can I do motor fleet insurance comparisons?

  1. Yes, of course, there are lots of comparisons sites on the Internet, including the well-know companies that advertise on TV.

  2. They will all help you get a cheap motor fleet insurance quote. Remember though, the more complicated your requirements the harder it will be to get a quote from a comparison site.

  3. Nevertheless, you will find cheap motor trade fleet insurance online.

Why UKLI Compare?

  • Yes, of course, there are lots of comparisons sites on the Internet, including the well-know companies that advertise on TV.

  • They could all help you get a motor fleet insurance quote. Remember though, the more complicated your requirements the harder it will be to get a quote from a comparison site.

  • Nevertheless, you will find cheap motor trade fleet insurance right here at UKLI Compare.

Is it better to use a motor fleet insurance broker?

If you run a small company with say a couple of cars and a van, you will be able to source motor insurance fairly easily.

  • Alternatively, if spending time looking for motor insurance would be detrimental to building your business or you have multiple vehicles of different types and complex requirements, using a broker is likely to be a wise move.

  • Take care when choosing your broker, be a certain as you can that they understand market trends and preferably the nature of your business and that their knowledge of the law relating to fleet management is up-to-date.

  • You will be forming a relationship with your broker and a good one will work with you throughout the year, reviewing claims, making sure you get the best deals and hitting renewal dates.

How do you find courier motor fleet insurance online?

Just type courier motor fleet insurance into your web browser and you will get lots of differant options, or you can use the free quote engine at UKLI Compare, right here.

How to cover more than ten vehicles and get cheaper commercial motor fleet insurance*

Finding a provider that will cover ten vehicles really isn't a problem; some insurers cover hundreds of vehicles.

  • Getting cheaper insurance is about showing a potential insurer that you have policies in place that can give them assurance, that as far as possible you take steps to reduce claims.

  • Installing alarms and immobilisers, installing camera technology, being selective in the drivers you employ and operating driver training programmes are all things that will help reduce the cost of your insurance.

Increasing your excess is a further step you can take, when you compare motor trade insurance quote with this quick form, here.


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