Compare Taxi Insurance and You Could Save Money

Compare Taxi Insurance

Before You Compare Taxi Insurance

Owning and operating a private or general taxi needs the right taxi insurance. 

  1. From black cabs or private taxis, you can be sure the help you need isn't far away.

  2. There are numerous costs to taxi insurance that are simply factored into the process of keeping the taxi protected from liability and harm of other road users and liability insurance or loss of earning insurance for taxi drivers. 

  3. Any taxi owner who needs insurance for their taxis should know that having a good policy goes all the way.

A good policy will provide:

  • Replacement taxi cover
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Lose of earning cover
  • Taxi breakdown cover

About taxi liability insurance

All taxi insurance companies in the UK today are required to offer you some form of liability protection for various reasons. The amount of coverage that is required of each type of taxi can vary a great deal. 

Example of cover: 
John the taxi driver is 25 and has just received his trader's badge and ready for the road, he's all out for the money. He calls the guy he rents the taxi from and asks about taxi insurance prices, John's boss calls his taxi insurer.

Turns out that Johns quote came to £2500 because he had no, no-claims bonus and experience driving passengers around in a taxi. Making that payment of 12 dived by £2500 comes to around £160 to £176 per month, after paying a deposit of around £250.

Taxi insurance is not that cheap and the flowing must be achieved before cheap taxi insurance is actually, achievable. 

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How To Save Money and Time Looking for Taxi Insurance Online!

How To Save Money and Time Looking for Taxi Insurance Online!

Build a Good No-Claim Record

As you know the best ways of getting any sort of discount or low-cost policy is to build-up a few years no-claims record. It's a pain for new taxi drivers, especially under 21-year-old taxi drivers. 

The good news... it gets easier for 25-year-olds and even better when your driving for over five years.

Yes, even taxi insurers like that least two years taxi no-claims bonus before they look at offering you a decent discount. It does get cheaper as the years go by, but as they say...

...all good things come to taxi drivers who wait.

Don't Have An Accident - At All!

Being a careful taxi driver must be your primary concern because being a bad driver or hiring your taxis put to a bad driver can lead to higher premiums the following year.

It'll never get cheaper, just flatline and sometimes insurers can refuse to offer you a policy if the claim made against you were high claim pay-outs, like over £10,000.

Choosing a Smaller Engine Matters!

Do you know by choosing a smaller engine still impact the price you'll pay for taxi insurance? The performance like horsepower and torque and calculated by the underwriter's algorithms.

Have you seen the 1.6 diesel, Skoda Octavia? A lot of taxi drivers from London, and as far as Scotland are mad for these cars because they are so reliable and with the engine being a 1.6, it can reduce your taxi insurance quote compared to a 2.0L petrol engine.

Smaller engine size does matter, ask your insurance company the next time you speak to them.

Compare Taxi Insurance Annually

Like any good insurance policy, experts like Martin Lewis say that you should compare quotes every year.

  • It's easy to do because your policy details can be transferred over to your new insurers with the help of the new price comparison you do.

  • Taxi insurance is very unpredictable especially if new legislation changes over the next few years if it ever does, it could change a lot about the taxi industry.

  • Look at Uber, there are trying to take over the taxi business all over the world, big dream, but the crazy ones are the ones who make big changes.

Get a taxi insurance quote and compare policies with the best taxi insurance companies in the UK as we speak.

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