Compare Horsebox Insurance

Compare Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox Insurance Guide

Need horsebox insurance to ferry horses to different locations?

  1. If you are, you may have to think about getting horse box insurance for instances when you encounter a misfortune.

  2. It will cover the cost of settling claims for the horsebox and other third parties if you are involved in an accident.

  3. Here are essential tips you need to look at before you opt for horsebox protection.

What is horsebox insurance?

  • Any person that owns a horse needs to take up horsebox insurance, especially if they travel frequently.

  • This is a legal requirement that pays for damages caused during an accident, theft, or fire.

  • It also caters for any damages to the horsebox caused by the horse.

How much is horsebox insurance?

Compare Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox insurance cost differently depending on the coverage level. There are three levels of protection which are:

  1. Comprehensive – This is the best option of the available ones. It caters to the cost of your motor, third-parties, and other casualties involved in an accident.

  2. Third-party, theft, and fire – If your horsebox is stolen or is burned, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing it. Also, in case you cause an accident, this policy covers all necessary expenses for the individuals involved in the crash aside from the owner of the vehicle.

  3. Third-party only – This is the lowest level of horsebox insurance. Horse owners are supposed to have a minimum of third-party insurance policy as a legal requirement.

Do you need commercial horsebox insurance?

Also, the purpose of the policy determines how much you pay for insurance for a horsebox. For instance, if you only use the horsebox to transport your horse, your policy would be cheaper as compared to someone who has commercial interests.

Such a person may need to get commercial horsebox insurance so they can cover multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Is horsebox insurance cheaper than car insurance?

  • Car insurances tend to be less costly as compared to horsebox insurance because of the number of variables involved.

  • In case of an accident, for example, the insurance company will have to take care of third-party individuals, yourself, and then find options for transporting the horse to your home.

  • A car policy, on the other hand, caters to the needs of the third parties and not the horse.

What is the best horsebox insurance?

  • The best horsebox insurance is the comprehensive horsebox cover.

  • It covers both the driver, vehicle, and third-party individuals in an accident.

  • It should also protect the owner's interests if there is a fire or theft.

  • This cover mostly focuses on awarding the owner. However, any other collaterals that suffer the same fate are not left out of the payment.

What is the cheapest horsebox insurance?

The basic insurance for horsebox is the cheapest insurance policy. A cheap horsebox insurance premium covers only third parties in case of an accident.

  • The named, insurered person, will have to bear the cost of transporting themselves to the hospital, as well as any repairs to damages caused on the horsebox.

  • Additionally, the size of your horsebox can determine how cheap your premium is.

  • For example, it is cheaper to buy a 3.5t horsebox insurance as opposed to getting one for a 7.5t horsebox insurance.

How does horsebox insurance work?

Insurance for horsebox covers the cost of injuries and damages caused to the user and third-party variables within the scene of the mishap.

  • The type of services you receive is determined by the premium quality. You can opt to cover more than one driver, which means that you will have to pay an extra fee to cover these additional individuals.

  • Make sure that you name them on the insurance policy agreement for them to receive any form of compensation in an accident.

  • The insurance takes responsibility for crashes that occur within the UK, which means you have to consolidate with your insurer about increasing the premium or providing these services if you want to travel abroad.

  • Remember that the amount of money you pay is directly proportional to your horsebox's weight. 3.5t horsebox insurance premiums cost less than those for heavier horseboxes.

Is it better to get horsebox insurance online?

Whether you get your premium online or visit the company's offices is up to you.

  1. However, it is better to meet the broker in person for verification purposes, even if you choose an online company.

  2. In case you decide to do it on UKLI Compare, make sure you research enough about the company you want to buy from, to safeguard your money from online money laundering scams.

Also, compare their horsebox insurance quotes to other companies for better pricing.

Can I get horsebox insurance for business use?

  • Of course, you can. People who want to use horseboxes for profit can take up commercial horsebox insurance.

  • If you're going to hire your horsebox for other drivers, this is the perfect option for you.

  • Depending on the number of horseboxes you own, you may have to upgrade your premium so it can cover them all.

Can you buy horsebox insurance and pay monthly?

  • The mode of payment will vary from one insurer to the other.

  • Some require an upfront payment, while others are flexible enough to allow you to pay monthly.

  • You have to talk to the broker and see if they have such an option.

Can you get horsebox insurance and breakdown cover altogether?

  • Some companies offer both horsebox insurance and breakdown cover as a single unit.

  • Others require you to purchase horsebox insurance and breakdown covers individually.

  • Ask the broker you are dealing with the kind of options they have.

  • Also, it is essential to read the fine print before making any financial commitment to avoid spending more than you are willing to.

How can I find cheap horsebox insurance for under 25?

  • A majority of the insurance companies are more than willing to accommodate individuals who are at least 21 years old.

  • Others provide these horsebox trailer insurance premiums at a higher cost.

  • You can search the internet for a list of insurance companies that are sell premiums to persons under 25.

Final Take

As a rule, compare horsebox insurance quotes from different insurance companies to get the best bargain. Also, ensure that you pick a premium that suits your needs.

You do not want to spend thousands of pounds per year on horsebox trailer insurance that would probably have cost you a few hundreds instead.

Compare horsebox insurance quotes with the best names in the game, click here.

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