Who Are UKLI Compare?

What does the "UKLI" mean in our brand, "UKLI COMPARE"?

It stands for - United Kingdom Loving It!

What We Do

UKLI COMPARE works with reputable companies like BTEE, QuoteSearcher Limited and AXA and these are just some of the Brands we work with online.

The kind of names you would associate yourself of your business with, the homeworks done for you.

  1. We organize products in charts and write online guides, which makes it easy for you to decide.

  2. It is only companies with a trusted UK reputation we talk about and recommend.

  3. Compare the things you want or need in a simple way, including broadband, car finance and car leasing providers.

  4. You could save with some products like business insurance by QuoteSearcher Limited.

Why Use Us?

  • At UKLI Compare, we do own homework by getting to know the companies that you're looking at, first, then we create a comparison chart or a nice guide, so anyone can take action on.

  • We also cover things no other comparison sites talk about, or just say we put effect into making sure you can find what you want.

  • You can find great quotes for insurance too, like landlord insurance for property owners or car insurance to specialized business insurance. No matter what size you're letting business is, we can help you get the right coverage without overspending.

Our Value-Driven Approach

Based purely on the information we take it or know about, we then write about the products we've worked with since 2011. This helps us by knowing you're referred to a very good company with the price or a particular item you're looking thinking about buying.

Our aim is you walking away with more knowledge about something before you came here.

We Operate a Safe and Secure Website

We protect our visitor's data, (like quote form you submit to) with good security. So let us enjoy the start your journey to saving a few quid every time you visit www.uklicompare.co.uk (UKLI COMPARE) on a typical day.

Remember when your searching for something, (anything that comes to mind in the future) come back and see if you can learn about it first. 

Its the best way and our guides are good enough to get you where you need to be.

  • You are under no obligation to buy any product you see today.
  • If you don't like what you get offered (we're confident you will) you can leave it and go searching elsewhere.
  • It's free to use for UK landlords and it works like a treat.

Based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, we have been serving the UK public for over 11 years now and more people are learning about us are every year, because you can save time and money.

Disclaimer: Insurance Regulation

UKLI COMPARE is in no way responsible for our partner's fault and disputes, and our content should not be taken as insurance advice. Insurance quote tools are provided by QuoteSearcher Limited. QuoteSearcher Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, their registration number is 504796 and their permitted business is insurance mediation.

This can be checked by clicking here.

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