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UK Motorhome Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide


What is Motorhome Insurance?

Insurance for motorhomes is a type of cover that protects your motorhome or campervan. In the UK, it's legally required to have at least third-party insurance for any vehicle on the roads, and this includes motorhomes.

Why is Motorhome Insurance Necessary?

Motorhome insurance is essential not just because it's the law, but it also protects you from unforeseen costs. In case of an accident, theft, or damage, your insurance can cover repair or replacement expenses, ensuring peace of mind during your travels.

What Does Motorhome Insurance Cover?

Standard motorhome insurance typically includes coverage for accidental damage, theft, fire, and third-party liability. Many insurers offer additional extras, such as European cover, contents insurance, and breakdown cover.


Compare motorhome insurance quotes

How Does the Size and Type of My Motorhome Affect My Insurance?

Your motorhome's size and type can significantly impact your insurance premium. Larger, more expensive motorhomes or those with high-performance engines often cost more to insure. Meanwhile, older, smaller motorhomes may be cheaper to cover.

How Can I Lower My Motorhome Insurance Premium?

There are several ways to potentially lower your motorhome insurance premium. These include storing your motorhome securely, installing approved security devices, amassing no-claims discounts, and agreeing to a higher voluntary excess.

Does Motorhome Insurance Cover Trips Abroad?

Most motorhome insurance policies offer some level of European cover. The duration and extent of this coverage can vary between providers, so it's important to confirm this before travelling abroad. Also, remember Brexit may have affected your level of coverage in EU countries.

Remember, as a motorhome owner, it's critical to understand your insurance policy. This guide should serve as a starting point, but always read your policy documents carefully and don't hesitate to ask your insurer if anything is unclear.

With the right protection in place, you can ensure your travels are safe and stress-free.


What Else Should I Consider?

When looking for motorhome insurance, it's essential to compare quotes from different providers before making a decision. Carefully review each policy's features and consider what options make the most sense for your situation.

Does Motorhome Insurance Cover Self-Built Models?

  • Choosing to build your own motorhome can be an exciting and rewarding project. However, securing insurance for a self-built motorhome can be slightly more complex than for a factory model. It's crucial to inform your insurer that your motorhome is self-built, as it may affect your policy.

  • Initially, you'll need to arrange build-up cover to protect your vehicle during the construction process. Once your motorhome is complete, you'll then require a full motorhome insurance policy. Remember, insurers will want evidence of the build process, such as receipts for parts and a comprehensive set of photographs showing each stage of the build.

  • While finding an insurer willing to cover a self-built motorhome might be more challenging, it's by no means impossible. Keep in mind that premiums may be higher than for factory models due to the unique risks associated with self-build projects. Always shop around and compare quotes to find the best deal.
Compare motorhome insurance quotes

What is the Average Cost of Motorhome Insurance in the UK?

  • Understanding the average cost of motorhome insurance in the UK can be a helpful guide when planning your budget. However, it's crucial to remember that insurance premiums can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the motorhome's make, model, age, and value, the policyholder's driving history, and the level of coverage chosen.

  • On average, annual motorhome insurance in the UK can range from around £200 to £400. However, premiums for luxury models or those with high-performance engines might be considerably higher. Additionally, policies for self-built motorhomes can also be more expensive due to their unique nature.

  • Remember, while cost is an essential factor, it should not be the sole determinant when choosing a policy. It's always best to ensure you have the right level of coverage to adequately protect your motorhome and provide peace of mind during your travels.

What is Motorhome Breakdown Insurance?

  • Motorhome breakdown insurance is a specific type of cover that focuses on roadside assistance in case your motorhome breaks down while travelling. A comprehensive breakdown policy can offer services like roadside repairs, towing to a nearby garage, onward travel arrangements, and sometimes even overnight accommodation if the motorhome cannot be fixed on the same day.

  • Different providers offer varying levels of coverage, and in some cases, European cover is included. It's crucial to understand what your policy covers explicitly to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

  • For motorhome owners who often travel long distances or take their holidays in their motorhomes, breakdown insurance can be an invaluable addition to their insurance portfolio, providing peace of mind that help is just a phone call away should they encounter any issues.

Motorhome background 1

What is Motorhome Hire Insurance Excess?

  • Motorhome Hire Insurance Excess is a component of insurance policies that applies when you rent a motorhome. It's the amount you agree to pay towards a claim before the insurance company starts to cover the costs. For example, if your excess is £500 and you make a claim for £2000, you would pay the first £500 and the insurer would cover the remaining £1500.

  • Insurance premiums may be lower if you agree to a higher excess, but remember, this means you'll need to contribute more if you make a claim. Similarly, if you opt for a lower excess, your insurance premium may be higher. When hiring a motorhome, it's essential to understand your insurance excess and consider whether to take out additional excess waiver insurance, which can cover your excess amount in the event of a claim.

  • Choosing the right level of excess is a balance between what you're comfortable paying upfront and the premium you're willing to pay for your hire insurance. It's always recommended to fully understand your insurance cover before hitting the road in a hired motorhome.

Camping and Caravan Club Motorhome Insurance

  • The Camping and Caravan Club offers a comprehensive motorhome insurance policy that is tailored to the specific needs of campers and caravanners. The policy covers a broad range of scenarios, including theft, fire, storm damage, and third-party liability.

  • Members of the Camping and Caravan Club can enjoy additional benefits, such as discounts on their premium and enhanced coverage options. These might include European travel cover, personal belongings cover, and coverage for awnings and gas cylinders.

  • It's worth noting that like other insurers, the Camping and Caravan Club will consider various factors when calculating your premium. These include the age, make, and model of your motorhome, its security features, your driving history, and the level of coverage you select.

  • As always, it's important to read the policy documents carefully, understand the level of coverage provided, and compare quotes from different insurers. This ensures you find a policy that offers the best value for your needs and provides adequate protection for your motorhome.

Short Term Motorhome Insurance

  • Short term motorhome insurance provides temporary cover for your motorhome, perfect for those who don't use their motorhome all year round or are borrowing or renting one for a brief period. It offers all the benefits of a standard insurance policy but for a shorter duration - often anywhere from one day to a few months.

  • Just like traditional motorhome insurance, short term policies cover accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability. Some providers may offer additional options such as breakdown cover or European travel cover.

  • It's important to check the policy details thoroughly, as the level of cover and limitations can vary between insurers. As always, compare quotes from different providers to ensure you secure the best deal for your short term motorhome insurance. Remember, even if you're only planning a short trip, having the right insurance in place is crucial for your peace of mind and protection.

What is Motorhome Gap Insurance?

  • Motorhome Gap Insurance, often referred to as Guaranteed Asset Protection, is a type of cover that covers the difference between the current market value of your motorhome and the original purchase price or the amount outstanding on finance. 

  • This kind of policy comes into play when your motorhome is stolen or written off, and your primary insurer only pays out the current market value, which could be significantly less than what you initially paid due to depreciation.

  • For instance, if you bought a motorhome for £50,000 and it's written off when its market value has dropped to £30,000, your regular insurance would typically cover the £30,000 value. However, gap insurance will cover the £20,000 'gap', ensuring you're not left out of pocket.

  • It's vital to keep in mind that policies can vary, with some covering the difference between the market value and what you still owe on finance if this is higher than the original purchase price. As always, it's recommended to read the policy document carefully, understand the terms and conditions, and compare prices from several insurers to ensure you're getting the best deal on your motorhome gap insurance.

Motorhome Insurance for Over 80s

  • Motorhome insurance for over 80s is specifically designed to provide cover for older drivers who may have unique needs and circumstances. Despite common myths, age does not necessarily imply a higher risk, and many insurers recognise that older drivers often have a wealth of experience on the road.

  • This type of insurance typically offers the same fundamental coverages as standard motorhome insurance, including protection against theft, fire, accidental damage, and third-party liability. However, it may also offer additional benefits tailored to the needs of older drivers. For instance, some insurers may include enhanced medical coverage or provide coverage for specialist equipment onboard the motorhome.

  • Insurers will consider a number of factors when calculating premiums, including the age of the driver, the make and model of the motorhome, its security features, the driver's claim history, and the chosen level of coverage. Some providers may offer discounts to older drivers who have a no-claims bonus or who agree to limit their mileage.

  • Remember, it's important to shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you get the best deal. Always read the policy document carefully and understand your level of coverage before embarking on your journey. With the right insurance in place, you can enjoy your motorhome adventures with peace of mind, knowing you're well protected.
business motorhome-insurance

Motorhome Business Insurance

  • If you run a motorhome hire business, it's crucial to have the right insurance in place. Motorhome business insurance is specifically designed to cover the unique risks associated with renting out motorhomes to customers.

  • This type of insurance typically includes comprehensive cover for accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability. Additionally, it can offer protection against loss of income due to motorhome unavailability, coverage for customer deposits in the event of a cancellation, and public liability insurance, which can protect your business if a customer or member of the public suffers injury or property damage and decides to sue.

  • It's important to remember that just like other types of motorhome insurance, the cost of motorhome business insurance can vary based on factors such as the number of motorhomes in your fleet, their make and model, their security features, and the level of coverage you select.

  • Choosing the right insurance for your motorhome business is a crucial step towards safeguarding your investment and ensuring the continuity of your operations. Always compare quotes from various insurance providers and carefully read the policy documents to fully understand the level of coverage provided. Your peace of mind and the success of your business depend on it.

Motorhome Insurance for Non-UK Residents

  • Motorhome insurance for Non-UK residents is a specific type of insurance designed to provide cover for individuals who are not permanent residents of the United Kingdom but wish to travel or live in their motorhome within the UK. This type of insurance typically includes standard coverage for accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability.

  • Given their unique circumstances, Non-UK residents should be aware of certain requirements and restrictions that may apply. For example, some insurers might require a valid international driving licence, proof of temporary UK address, and a limit on the length of cover period.

  • Additionally, some policies might offer optional extras such as European cover, which can be particularly beneficial for those planning to travel across Europe in their motorhome.

  • As always, it's recommended to compare policies from multiple insurers and thoroughly read the policy documents to fully comprehend what's covered and what's not. This way, Non-UK residents can explore the beauty of the UK and beyond in their motorhome, confident in the knowledge that they're appropriately covered.

Motorhome Insurance Groups

  • Motorhome insurance groups classify motorhomes according to various factors that affect the cost and risk of insuring them. These factors include the make and model of the motorhome, its size, weight, and value, the availability and cost of parts, and even its performance and safety features.

  • Insurance groups for motorhomes typically range from Group 1, which includes smaller, lower-value motorhomes with basic features, to Group 50, which comprises the largest, most expensive motorhomes fitted with sophisticated features. The higher the group, the higher the insurance premium is likely to be.

  • It's crucial to know your motorhome's insurance group when shopping for insurance as it can significantly impact your premium. Insurers use this information to determine how much risk is associated with insuring your motorhome. Consequently, understanding your motorhome's insurance group can also help you make informed decisions about purchasing and insuring a motorhome.

  • Remember, while motorhome insurance groups can guide you, they are just one of many factors that insurers consider when calculating premiums. Other factors such as your age, driving history, and even where you store your motorhome can also impact the cost of your insurance. Therefore, always shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Motorhome Insurance for Any Driver Over 25

  • Motorhome insurance for any driver over 25 is a type of flexible insurance coverage that allows for any licensed driver aged 25 and above to legally operate the insured motorhome. It provides a convenient solution for those who wish to share their motorhome driving duties among multiple drivers, such as friends or family members, without the need to name each driver individually on the policy.

  • Whilst this type of insurance offers more flexibility, it's important to note that it might come with a higher premium, as the risk is spread across multiple unknown drivers. However, some insurers may offer discounts if all drivers have a clean driving record and no prior claims.

  • Also, the specifics of coverage may vary between insurance providers. Most policies will typically include standard cover for accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability. Optional extras such as breakdown cover, European cover, or personal effects cover may also be available.

  • As with any insurance policy, it's crucial for potential policyholders to compare quotes from various providers and thoroughly review the policy documents to understand the coverage terms and conditions before making a decision. Regardless of who is behind the wheel, a comprehensive insurance policy will ensure peace of mind during your motorhome adventures.

American RV Motorhome Insurance in the UK

  • American Recreational Vehicles (RVs), commonly known as motorhomes, are increasingly popular in the UK due to their spacious interiors and luxurious facilities. However, insuring these vehicles can be slightly more complex due to their large size, high value and the fact that replacement parts may need to be shipped from the US.

  • American RV motorhome insurance in the UK is designed to cater to these unique features. This type of insurance typically includes standard coverage for accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability. However, it can also offer additional cover for elements like imported parts and specialist repairs.

  • Given the high value of American RVs, many policies also offer contents insurance to cover personal possessions inside the vehicle. Breakdown cover, particularly cover that includes the cost of an overnight stay, can also be beneficial due to the vehicle's size and complexity.

  • As always, it's essential to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers and carefully read the policy documents to ensure the coverage meets your specific needs. The right insurance will allow you to enjoy the open road with your American RV, secure in the knowledge that you're fully protected.

Securing the right insurance for your motorhome

Securing the right insurance for your motorhome, whether you are a UK resident, a non-UK resident, or an owner of an American RV, is of paramount importance. You must consider all factors from insurance groups and age of drivers, to the unique specifications of your motorhome. Be meticulous in your research and comparison of various insurance providers and policies.

Always remember that the key to a worry-free motorhome adventure is comprehensive coverage that suits your specific needs and circumstances.

Happy travels!

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