Motor Trade Insurance Without No-Claim Bonus comparison

Guide on Motor Trade Insurance without No Claim Bonus Accumulation*

Guide on Motor Trade Insurance without No-Claim Bonus Accumulation*

Motor trade insurance without no-claim bonus accumulation is very obviously going to cost more in the first year, or if you do it part-time you can save a bit to start you off to a cracking start to your new business.

But you know that, but why are you here?

To find a good policy and compare quotes or learn about a traders policy as you have never accumulated a no-claims bonus?

  • You can do that here with some of the best motor trade insurance companies in the UK right and UKLI Compare will always update the quote engine with one that going to work for motor traders working from home or a separate garage in a workspace.

  • The motor trade business has a lot of rewards and especially for people like yourself who enjoy working around customers and driving top-end cars now and again, like a Rolls Royce, maybe someday?

Have a look at what a traders policy can offer you...

Can I Use My Cars No-Claims Bonus for a New Motor Trade Policy?

Unfortunately, no you can't but that's not fair and we think you should be able to, but if you think about it the motor trade is a total ball game because of the high-risk motor trade claims that could be made against your new and up and coming business.

Perhaps one day you might get away with that and one way that would work would be if the insurance company you buy your personal insurance from could also do you a new motor trade policy and offer you a discount for taking all your insurance products with one insurer.

That does work and insurers do that in the real world and I know that doesn't help you with having no, no, claims bonus to your name as a motor trader, but everyone needs to start somewhere, don't they?

When Does It Start To Get Cheaper for Traders Insurance?

After a year you might not even see a difference in price, but you will see a record building and your motor traders no-claims bonus growing for one day you can look at what your paying and say to yourself, "that's cheaper this time".

Will My No-Claims Record Be Saved in The Cloud?

All your data is back-up in an insurance database like the MID database you'll be using to log customers vehicles as your working on them. And that information is kept private (so they say) and you can ask for a copy of that data at any time you want, just by asking your trader policy insurer for a copy.

And don't worry about hacking it's quite safe around the web like never before with companies like Microsoft and Apple protecting online form for credit card transactions. It works just the credit card systems, tough and secure.

Can I Transfer My Traders Policies No-Claims Bonus?

You certainly can, and your current insurance company will either send you a copy of your no-claim bouse by post or email you a copy to forward to your new trader's policy in the future.

It's very easy and they won't withhold it from you or may you pay for a copy, ( well usually they don't, they could have changed by now).

Do a Motor Trade Insurance Comparison?

The last and final part is finding as policy today that your happy with, a policy you can pay monthly or pay it upfront for the year and that way you can save money on the interest they charge you (if any) on monthly payments like most insurers do for any type of UK cover.

And remember motor trade insurance with no ncb will cost less.

H4: Do you want a quote?
Start buildings your motor trade insurance no-claims bonus!

Because you need motor trade insurance without no-claim bonus accumulation you may want to compare price with one of the best comparison website in the UK to find a good motor trade policy online.

Compare traders insurance and get the chance of saving a few quid into the bargain.

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