Learn more about landlord insurance for flats

Today we are going to answer all your questions about landlord insurance for flats, even if you own a single flat, granny flat, or a block of flats on a freehold or leasehold basis.

You can learn what the differences are so you can become a more knowledgeable landlord when it comes to asset protection.

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Q&A | About landlords insurance for flats.

Note to Landlords: This article should take you about 12 minutes to read, but well worth it regarding knowledge and understanding insurance for flats.

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You can get all the answers you need regarding one-bedroom flats or two bedroom flats because some landlords need the answer to this. You can also see the difference between a furnished flat or an unfurnished flat regarding landlord insurance.

And you can learn more about what you might need or not need.

Like, get the answers you need regarding buildings insurance for flats or contents insurance for flats and how to get competitive rates, which protects you as a landlord and the assets that you own.

So let's dig right in, starting with information about leasehold flats.

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Cover types for flats.

Landlord insurance for leasehold flats.

Landlord Insurance for Leasehold Flats
Landlord insurance for leasehold flats.

A leasehold landlord does not need to buy buildings insurance so let's get that out of the way. The freehold landlord buys landlords insurance for flats for fire and flooding because they own building.

Know the difference.

It's easy to get mixed up with the leasehold and freehold flats regarding landlords insurance for flats. But let's eliminate this myth, so you understand the difference.

So, when you're talking to an insurance company, you know roughly what to expect.

What a leasehold landlord might need.

As a leasehold flat holder, the only insurance that you, "may have" to consider is a contents insurance policy for your property. This cover could be a furnished flat, or you may have put some fancy doors and spent a few thousand pounds on white goods or a newly fitted kitchen.

If the tenant causes any damage, whether be accidental or malicious damage, you can claim your landlords insurance for flats policy if it's worth it.

Hope that answers your questions regarding landlord insurance for leasehold flats.

If you want a landlord insurance for a leasehold flat, please click here.

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Landlord insurance for freehold flats.

Landlord Insurance for Freehold Flats

Because you own the property under the freehold agreement, you'll want at least a buildings insurance policy, which covers things like subsidence damage caused over time and also; landlords insurance for flats covers these here.

  • A fire caused by arson or accidentally tenants
  • Water damage including flooding cover and alternative accommodation
  • Storm and lightning damage, yes it does happen.
  • Damaged by contractors or machinery while working on your property.
  • Damage to the structure of your building, ceilings and walls.
Landlord insurance for freehold flats.

If you rent the flat out, then that person or company becomes a leasehold landlord, and then, "they" become liable to protect their assets.

Because you own the building, you should have a buildings insurance policy, and when you rent the property out to another landlord or tenant, they can choose to take a policy out for the contents, landlord liability or rent guarantee insurance. 

Rent insurance will pay the rent if the property becomes unoccupied or the tenant fails to pay you.

Hope this answers your questions to freehold landlords insurance for flats.

If you want a quote for buildings insurance for flats, do that here.

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Landlord insurance for unfurnished flats.

Landlord Insurance for Unfurnished Flats

Unfurnished flats can save landlords money on a contents insurance policy because the tenant provides their own furniture.

All you need to consider as a flat owner is a building insurance policy, and you can add this if your business is big enough to afford this.

You can add other things to your landlords insurance for flats like:

  • Rent protection insurance for mortgage holders (buy-to-let-landlords)
  • Emergency assistance insurance to safeguard your flat against burglary and damage caused by tenants.
  • Boiler breakdown insurance for flats and the pipework just in case you have a terrible winter and your pipes burst, or the boiler blows.
  • You can also perform a tenant reference check before anybody moves into your flat before you take on a tenant, but that's up to you.

So there you go that's what you need for an unfurnished flat, a typical buildings insurance policy is the way to go.

Compare contents and buildings insurance for flats by comparing quotes with the good insurers by clicking this link.

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Landlord insurance for granny flats.

Landlord Insurance for Granny Flats

The nickname for a flat that's occupied by an older adult or an elderly couple is called a granny flat.

There is no difference in the type of insurance you need because at the end of the day it is still bricks and mortar.

  • If you own the granny flat outright at least take a buildings policy out as it will only cost you around the hundred and £120 a year. 
  • There is no need for contents insurance if you don't want to. 
  • If the value of the contents is below £1,000, you can replace (at your cost) them without claiming your policy.

You can claim your policy if you want but sometimes it's not worth it. Be careful, because insurance claims could mean that you pay more next year. 

In most cases, it will.

Landlord insurance for granny flats.

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You could buy second-hand furniture to replace whatever damage was caused, and because you have an elderly person living there, and accidents could happen more often, could?

Not to discriminate against seniors at all, but when a person gets a bit older, we can become more clumsy. 

It's part of life.

It's a good idea to make sure smoke alarms, and a gas safety certificate is always up-to-date, and it's a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector available to elderly residents.

Hope this answers your questions about landlords insurance for flats and granny flats and if it doesn't you can let us know.

If you want a quote for the granny flat, you can do that by clicking this link.

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Landlord insurance for block of flats.

Landlord Insurance for Block of Flats

The best way to manage landlord insurance for a block of flats is by finding a company that has an online solution to manage those properties.

And because you're referring to a block of flats, you're probably a landlord with many properties.

You may be entitled to a lot of discounts, and the only way to get the best discounts is by insuring all your flats with one insurer.

  • It's not the only to insure a block of flats, as other insurance companies will offer you discounts if you split your flats up into individual landlord insurance policies but that's no way to manage your assets.
  • You want a system to add and remove properties, take way add-ons like rent insurance or employee liability as new employees come into your business.
  • Each flat could have its own individual set of insurance protection because not every flat comes furnished because you may have unfurnished flats, so that could mean contents insurance is not appropriate for that property. 

You may want to include contents insurance for your fixtures and fittings or white goods that you have supplied the tenant.

If you want a policy for a block of flats, please click here to compare the market for the best price.

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Landlord insurance for 1 bedroom flats.

This area of information for one-bedroom flats may not be appropriate for a lot of landlords, but because you're here, you may be interested in finding a policy for a one-bedroom flat, are we correct?

Find a policy here if you've heard enough? Click here for a quote.

If so, you may find this interesting and informative about how insurance is calculated for a one-bedroom flat. Every insurance policy looks at risks and the value of the property, and how much it would cost the insurance company if you had to lose that property to fire or a flood.

Let's say...

If your flats worth £140,000 and the contents of your flat is worth £5,000, then you could be expected to pay an annual premium of around £160. This all depends and this is not what you will definitely pay.

The best way is to get landlords insurance for flats and a descend price is to compare rates with a website like this one - UKLI.

For an accurate price, click here for a quote.

These prices are reasonably accurate, but when you get a quote the price can vary, so please be aware of this and don't come back to us and say, "you said you could get as a policy for £160".

We didn't say that giving you a rough estimate.

  • Consider buildings insurance if you own a flat outright or you are a buy-to-let, portfolio landlord.
  • You can also consider a contents insurance policy for your flat if the contents of your flat are worth insuring.
  • You can also talk about adding other features and benefits to your policy if you own a block of flats or more than five individual properties.

If you want a quote for a one-bedroom flat because you are a UK landlord, you can do that here by clicking this link.

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Landlord insurance for 2 bedroom flats.

  • A two-bedroom flat falls under the same circumstances as a one-bedroom flat or even a four-bedroom flat because like we said insurance costs are evaluated on risk and the value of the property.
  • Other factors determine the price you pay, including how many claims you've had and how many years no claims bonus you have. It also depends if you have more than one property insured by that insurer, also.

Because they can offer you loyalty discounts on landlords insurance for flats.

If you are looking for a quote for landlord buildings and contents insurance for a 2 bedroom flat, please click here to compare the market and get a callback from an expert who can help.

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Landlord insurance for 3 bedroom flats.

Depending on the value of your property and how much it costs to rebuild that property for your three-bedroom flat, that will determine what the insurance company offers you.

  • Remember insurance prices change every year, but with landlord insurance for flats, the price you pay has not changed much over the past five years, apart from high-risk flood areas.
  • Or any landlord with high-risk properties is different.
  • You can choose a lot of different options for your three-bedroom property, including contents insurance for three-bedroom property or buildings insurance for your three-bedroom property.

That's the standard type of insurance that all landlords starts with for any property, no matter what size it is even if it's a £1 million property. 

Like we said earlier, the price you pay is valued at how much it costs to rebuild that property that is damaged by fire and flooding and along with a few other values that underwriters assess.

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Landlord insurance for 4 bedroom flats.

When you are looking for landlord insurance for a bedroom flat, you need to be aware of what insurance companies take into consideration.

Insurance companies will consider things like:

  • Is your flat over a certain value?
  • Do you have a mortgage on your flat?
  • What type of insurance are you looking for?
  • Do you follow proper landlord regulations?
  • How much have you spent on your property over the last few years?

Insurance companies might not ask you these questions individually, but that is what they are saying because they want to know how much your property is worth.

And also about you.

If you don't have a recent property evaluation, it is well worth getting an evaluation before you take out a landlord insurance policy for a four-bedroom flat.


  • Because if you don't and if the time comes when you need to make a claim, the landlord insurance company could ask for an evaluation and they might not pay the difference because they were a fluctuation between costs and market value of your property.
  • It is always a good idea to be straightforward and clear when it comes to any insurance company because they do get into the nitty-gritty before they pay out any large amount.
  • Underwriters are very smart people, and as a landlord, you don't need to be smart or try to outwit them. All you need to do is follow the advice provided by your insurer and cover your flat with the right value of buildings and contents insurance.
  • Always talk to the insurer, if you need any base what so ever please ask the insurer because insurance regulations change every single year and underwriters make changes without your knowledge.
  • If it is crucial, the underwriters will email you or call you regarding your insurance policy. Or you may get a call from your landlord insurance company explaining that things have changed and this is how that affects you.
  • The reason we emphasise this so much is because of the value of your assets (houses and flats) are the most precious possession that anyone or business can own, so they must be appropriately insured.
  • There are no shortcuts and remember landlord insurance is not like normal home insurance and if you are living the property yourself, you may be still liable to take on a landlord insurance policy if your business owns that property.
  • If you own the property yourself in your own personal name, then you could get away with a standard house insurance policy or flat insurance policy as we are on the subject of flats.

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What is the best landlords insurance for flats?

  • If you are looking for best landlord insurance for flats, there are really no solution for that, what you need is a specialised company, and sometimes that's not the cheapest.

  • Please do not disregard a more expensive provider just because it costs you an extra £20 a year as that £20 a year could be worth its weight in gold.

Click here to compare policies from the best UK insurers that specialise in landlord insurance for flats.

Or get discounts for multiple properties or a block of flats by clicking here.

What insurance do I need for flats?

Cover Types of Flats

Landlord contents insurance for flats.

Covering the contents of your flat is quite important, but it's not for all landlords because it might not work out regarding the worth to your business.

Could you have an unfurnished property?

  • If you are a meticulous landlord and you like knowing your business assets are covered without any problems if you to make a claim, then a contents policy for your flat would indeed be a great asset.

  • A lot of landlords use second-hand furniture, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with second-hand furniture because of the new Facebook Marketplace where you can find great furniture for incredibly low prices.

Have you browsed the Facebook Marketplace, yet?

However, if you went the full hog and kitted your rented flat out really nice to accommodate the tenant and to retain that tenant, then a contents insurance policy is a must if you don't want to pay for all that stuff again.


Because, accidental damage does happen so you can either claim your policy or get the tenant to pay for lost items. Making the tenant pay for it is a better way instead of claiming a policy for £50 to £300.

Compare landlord insurance quotes by clicking here.

Landlord buildings insurance for leasehold flats.

In any particular case, a leasehold landlord ensuring the flat must have at least a contents insurance policy because the freehold landlord pays for the buildings insurance.

Did you get that?

You can also add, "loss of rent or landlord emergency insurance" to pay for lost keys, replacement locks and even front and back doors.

If you want to protect your leasehold flat with insurance, please click here to compare the market for the best price.

Standard landlord buildings insurance for flats.

If you are a freehold landlord, then you need buildings insurance, and when we say you need buildings insurance, you really must consider this because you don't want to lose your property one day.

All those years of hard work lost? Get landlords insurance for flats because it is cheap to keep going every year.

Running a business or even owning a property without, "at least, buildings insurance" is a risky business so don't forget to take a policy out and compare prices every year if you're looking to reduce costs.

Compare landlord buildings insurance for flats here.

Landlord loss of rent insurance for flats.

  • When you are a buy-to-let landlord, you can take a loss of rent insurance policy out to cover your rent while your property is being renovated or the tenant fails to pay your rent on time.

  • Insurance companies will pay your rent for up to 6 months to one year depending on the property, but this does depend on the insurance company so please don't take our word for this, you need to ask.

Compare landlords insurance and loss of rent insurance for flats by clicking here.

Landlord liability insurance for flats.

If you deal with the public, then you may want to include landlord liability insurance, and because you have a flat, the public is always going to be around.

  • Your neighbours or up or down the stair could be affected because you have a water leak that damaged carpets or wooden flooring in your neighbour's apartment.

  • You can bet your boots that your policy will be claimed if this happens or you can pay for the damage yourself out of your pocket if that makes better sense to you.

  • If your flat is situated in a high-end property area, then you want to ask your insurance company to add landlord liability to your policy. Most policies do have this option, so you don't need to worry about that.

Get a quote and add landlord liability for flats into one policy by comparing several quotes from top-rated insurers by clicking here.

Emergency assistance insurance for flats.

Emergency assistance landlord insurance for flats does what it says on the box; it protects you for emergencies like broken windows and forced entry or boiler breakdowns.

This policy can run on its own without you even taking part no matter what time or date is. If you wanted to know you can set up email or text message alerts, which can be provided by your insurer.

Or they might call you because they have the phone number on the system.

If you want to add emergency assistance insurance for faster your policy, you can do that by comparing landlord insurance for flats with the right companies here.

Here's the quote system again, compare landlord insurance for flats, just click here.


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