Over 50 landlord insurance*

Landlord insurance

Landlord insurance for over 50 tenants

Do you need over 50 landlord insurance tenants living in your rented properties?

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Having an over 50 tenant can make you think about the policy you might need. It would be the same landlord's insurance cover but you may want to think about emergency cover too!

Buildings insurance for over 50 tenants

This is policy to cover all things brick and mortar. It will cover you over 50 tenants and rehouse him/her or the family if the building becomes uninhabitable.

Find out more about buildings insurance here.

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Contents insurance for over 50 tenant

If you have a furnished flat or house that you rent to an over 50 tenant, you can cover the contents of the property of damages and theft or over malicious damage.

You can even cover the contents if the tenant has a pet like a dog or a cat. We know a dog would do more damage then a cat but if any pet causes damages to any of your belonging, your covered!

Find out more about contents insurance here.

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Rent guarantee insurance for over 50 tenants

If you want to protect your business just in case your over 50 tenant fails to pay the rent and does a bunk with the rent money, you can. You can add this cover to any landlord insurance policy or you can buy it separately from another source if you find a better price.

If you want more detail about this type of insurance or you rent to a DSS tenant who's over 50, then click here to learn more.

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Landlord emergency cover?

Yes, emergency cover for things like broken down heating systems or broken windows. You may want to consider alternative accommodation cover to rehouse your over 50 tenants.

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OK, what is alternative accommodation cover?

If you are flooded or something terrible happens and the property cannot house a tenant, this cover will pay for another rented house or flat until the damage is fixed.

Find out more about emergency cover here.

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What to consider for older tenants?

Making sure you have the right cover can save you money in the long run because it will save you finding a new rented property if things go wrong.

This would be so much more important if you (the landlord) is living abroad and cannot attend when the tenant calls you to let you know about the incident.

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What type of cover do I need for my over 50 tenants?

If I were you, I would cover the building with a good building insurance cover for your over 50 tenants to ensure cover is there if a fire breaks out. 

I would also take out a contents insurance policy to cover things that are needed for everyday use. Replacing them again can cost you thousands if you don't have at lease some type of cover in place for your over 50 landlord insurance.

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Does age matter with landlord insurance?

It can matter depending on the way you look at it. If you are renting to a tenant that you know and who's going to stay in your rented property for a long time, protect them with what you can afford.

If it was a younger tenant, you could get away with not having everything a policy offers because you could get around to it when you could, or they could fix it themselves or you could.

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Help me find a policy, please?

Yes, that's not a problem and it isn't any bother at all to get some help with what you may need. If you fill in this quote form, a landlord insurance advisor will call you to arrange suitable cover for your over 50 tenants.

The service is free to use and it only takes a few minutes to complete the form.

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