6 Month Campervan Insurance

First and foremost, you need to realize that 6 month campervan insurance is for people who borrow campervans and not really for campervan owners. 


Considering just how much the average campervan costs, as an owner of one, you should seriously be considering fully comprehensive cover every year, but before you go any further, you should also consider finding someone who has experience in the field of temp camper or motorhome insurance. 

This doesn't mean that you're incapable of finding insurance yourself, and neither does it mean you'll need to fork out a load of money for nothing, but instead, you simply need to realize that insuring a campervan is vastly different to insuring a regular type of vehicle.

6 month campervan insurance

Adding Breakdown Cover

Another serious aspect of campervan insurance which you'll need to consider relates to breakdown cover. This is especially important if you have imported your campervan, in that the insurance company may not be able to provide cover for that particular make of vehicle. 

Some people may advise you to opt for specialist campervan recovery insurance but before you go ahead and dive in headfirst, you need to realize that your vehicle may be too heavy or too long, in which case you could well end up being stranded in some remote part of the country, even though you've been paying for specialist recovery.

Camper Insurance Discounts

Now, before you start thinking everything is doom and gloom, you need to know that there is at least some good news as well, in that you can certainly qualify for a discount when you apply for your campervan insurance policy. 

Campervan Security

If they are security devices, you'll inevitably end up saving money on your 6 month premium. Furthermore, if you go ahead and join a campervan club, most insurance companies may be willing to offer you an additional discount. 

Generally speaking, if an insurance company can see that you're taking certain precautions, they will almost always look upon you in a favourable light.

Finding 6 Month Campervan Insurance

Finally, while nobody wants to pay more than they have to for short term campervan insurance, you also shouldn't be willing to compromise on quality. In other words, you need to make certain that the policy of your choice is capable of providing you with all the cover you need for short trips away, but of course, you still shouldn't be prepared to pay more than you need to. 

All things considered; going online for 6 month campervan insurance is without a doubt your best option.

Take a quote here and compare prices and get a phone call with help at the other end.

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