Landlord insurance for housing benefit tenants*

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Landlord Insurance for Housing Benefit Tenants

When you need landlord insurance for housing benefit tenants it is a type of cover for a landlord who lets to people who aren't working.  But you know and that's why you're here today.

So let's continue and get you the right answers.

But what else can you learn about housing benefit tenants and are there ways to save money on a policy? Let's see landlords if we can help you receive the right price and a quality policy you want.

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I am a UK landlord, do I need insurance for my tenant?

If you are a UK landlord (you should be because that's who we write for) you DO NOT need insurance by law but it is geared towards buy to let landlords.

Private landlords can also take out a policy and there are no restrictions placed on them by the mortgage company.  

Taking out a policy to cover the building for fire and flooding is a wise move for any landlord in the UK as things can happen out of the blue and you're left with the bill - not a nice experience for most.

So if you are thinking about a policy, get one if you can manage it through the business because it does come in handy when things go bump in the night.

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Is insurance hard to find for this type of cover?

It's not if you look in the right place and it's fine to search Google or Yahoo for a better deal, but you'll only get what you pay for as most policies are in the same way, matched on price.

You can certainly find a policy right here today, but before you do that, there are other things you can learn about your tenant before you get a price today. So keep reading if you want and keep learning more for future reference.

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What does the policy cover my tenant for?

Your tenant will be covered if anything happens to them or they are injured in the home they rent from you. Any liabilities the landlords face in a court of law the policy will help you pay for a lawyer and other court fees.

It can cover the tenant if they cannot live in the home because it when on fire. If you have buildings insurance the policy will help you rebuild the building again and like I said, put your tenant up in another rented accommodation until it's sorted.

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Does my policy cover accidental damages?

Your policy could cover you for accidental damage is caused by your tenant if you choose an accidental damage cover. Covering things for damages is quite a good idea for landlords because most landlords rent out furnished apartments or flats and houses with their furniture inside. 

Furniture can add up to quite a lot of money and landlords who invest would need to take out a separate contents insurance policy and ask your insurance company if that policy covers accidental damages.

If your policy or insurance company does not cover accidental damage you and you want to make sure you do, you would need to take out another policy and cancel the old one. So yes, your landlord insurance policy can cover accidental damages, but you must ask for it to be added to a policy.

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What about malicious damages?

If you have a tenant who is drinking alcohol or abusing drugs on a regular basis, you might want to take out malicious damage cover. This cover will help you recover the costs, if any, items of furniture or fixtures and fittings the tenant damages. If you own multiple properties it is a good idea to take out malicious damage cover because you never know what type of tenant you may end up with.

Don't get me wrong housing benefit tenants can be one of the best tenants you can never be seen because of the long-lasting rent payments you get from the government. In the landlord's letting world you need to put up with the bad to receive the good things.

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Why can housing benefit tenants be terrible tenants?

Not all housing benefit applications received actually get housing benefit granted and not every tenant is as terrible as you might think. Terrible tenants or tenants from hell will always be a problem for UK landlords because of the nature of this type of business.

Do you need a quote for landlord insurance for housing benefit tenants?

You must have had all sorts of stories about tenants from hell and maybe you have experienced some yourself. But that doesn't mean you can tar everyone with the same brush if you want to stay in business anyway and be a landlord.

It is a good idea to treat tenants the way you want to be treated. You may find you get a better outcome and a better attitude back because of your attitude. Tenants are people so treat them like people and try to get a family and your let properties that have a long-term and sustainable way of paying the rent.

Everyone deserves a chance and everyone deserves a roof over their heads.

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Why can housing benefit tenants be brilliant tenants?

Let's forget terrible tenants for a minute, they are brilliant tenants out there, which I briefly mentioned above. So let's discover more about brilliant tenants and why you should consider these types of tenants in the first place.

The best type of tenants and the quiet ones who get on with their day-to-day activities and make sure they are up to date with the DWP and you're getting your monthly payments.

Now, this is easier said than done, but if you put some leg work in finding the right sort of tenant you would like to put up with. It can make a difference to your bottom line. Here are some tips for choosing and finding a brilliant tenant.

  • Contact housing benefit tenants through your family and friends
  • Make sure they have been receiving benefits for at least three years
  • Move them in without taking a huge deposit ( if you trust them)
  • Make sure you have an insurance policy in place to cover your liabilities
  • And most importantly, get to know them personally

If you follow the advice you just saw and read you can certainly find yourself a decent tenant. I'm getting back to the first one ( contact housing benefit payments through your family and friends)  is a really good way because it could be your sister's friends or your mother's cousin.

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What else do I need to know about my housing benefit tenants?

Landlords face an awful lot of abuse when they're running a letting business. But landlords must think it is worth it when they don't actually need to do a manual graft for that extra £500 or £700 a month.

You've already done the hard work and paid for the property outright or if you are a buy to let landlord, you will eventually learn their property one day, maybe in 25 years or 30 years.

So there's not much else you really need to know apart from a few other things that you will mention, which includes...

  • You may need a landlord licence to operate your let business
  • You may need an insurance policy in place for your licence condition
  • You will need a manual gas safety certificates for all and every one of your properties
  • You will need to watch for overpayments,  which some housing benefit tenants can cause
  • And watch for fraud because you may be liable to pay back the money

That's it and if there's anything else you need to know, please browse our website because they are loads of pages. In fact, hundreds of pages of information for UK landlords, and it's all free.

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Can I find a good policy today?

Of course you can and absolutely no problem at all because we work with some of the best UK landlord insurance companies there is. If you're happy with this article and you want to share it on Facebook or Twitter please do so now. 

When you have shared this article on social media you can then get a quote and we'll get you the policy you need for your housing benefit tenants no problem.

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