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What Type of Policy Do You Need?

Your landlord insurance policy is made up with different types of cover, below we’ll have a look at each type of cover so you can learn what you need from a landlord insurer when insuring your property in Scotland.

Landlord Insurance Scotland

The First and Important - Buildings Insurance

Your Buildings insurance is very important for landlords because it protects your build from the worst-case scenario, fire, water, subsidence and structural damage.

It may never happen to you but the whole point of insurance is risk, you just never know what’s around the corner. Buildings insurance is a major part of a good policy.

Second - Contents Insurance


Another very important part of your policy as this cover is designed for your own furniture and the futures and fitting around your property. If a tenant damages any part of your property internally, it’s covered by the policy.

When your looking for landlord insurance in Scotland, some polices will vary on what they will cover, please check with the insurance company and read your small print.

Accidental and Malicious Damage Insurance

This will be part of your contents insurance policy as the property contents are covered for damages caused by tenants.

Loss of Rent Insurance for Scottish Landlords

If your property ends up uninhabitable and you have no rent coming in, the policy will pay your mortgage for a certain period of time. Polices differ and time period differ from 12 month up to 36 months depending on the damages and the time it takes for the repairs to be completed.

Alternative Accommodation Cover for Tenants

When your property does become uninhabitable and you have a tenant living in the property, where will they go? If you have this cover the insurance company will pay for another property for your tenant until your property is up to scratch again.

Liability Insurance for Scottish Landlords

With all good landlord insurance polices, liability insurance should be a part of your cover to protect your business from claims and the public. Cover can be taken from £2,000,000 and to the value of £10,000,000.

Emergency Cover for Boilers and Glass

Emergencies do happen and they usually happen when your not around so what do you do in that situation?t

The answer!

Ask for emergency assistance insurance to be added to your policy, which cover emergency repair work. Remember polices do differ and each policy will a certain amount for that particular type of emergency.

Some polices pay up to £500 for each separate claim but this will differ from company to company.

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Landlord Insurance Scotland


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