Landlord Insurance for a Leaking Roof

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Why foresight matters in a landlord insurance for a leaking roof?

Having a leaking roof is one of the most widespread causes for water related damage in a property, which is a fairly common occurrence throughout the rainy seasons - especially in houses that still have old fashioned tiled roofs.

  1. As such, a fairly common question in the mind of landlords around the UK is whether they need a specific landlord insurance for a leaking roof.

  2. The straightforward answer to this question is an absolute maybe: it always depends on your policy, which in turn depends on your insurance company.

  3. Most important - you must keep in mind, at all times when dealing with any landlord insurance company, to ask what would happen in specific situations such as a leaking roof.

Failing to do so, you’ll more than likely set yourself up for trouble. Let’s clarify this matter in the following sections.

Will you need specific landlord insurance for a leaking roof?

Most landlord insurance now available has a base policy that covers unexpected damages to your property, including water damage. However, the extent of your cover will depend on your initial specifications and how high of a premium you’re willing to pay.

  • Most insurance companies will gladly cut corners to provide you a reasonable bill, but only at the expense of subsequent protection. In life as in landlord insurance, you always get what you pay for!

  • For example, depending on your policy and the covers you choose, you may get landlord insurance for a leaking roof that will indeed cover the cost of repairing a leaky roof.

  • But not for the damage caused to the contents, unless you specifically have requested a landlord contents insurance cover.


  • Conversely, other insurance companies may phrase their policy in a way that only provides coverage for a leaky roof under specific circumstances, such as damage caused as direct result of adverse weather and not damages caused by negligence in maintenance.

  • This is something crucial that all landlords should keep in mind: all insurance policies use very precise wording that must be analyzed carefully in order to fully understand the scope of the provided coverage.

  • Since it can sometimes be tricky to work through the semantics in your policy, we recommend that you make sure to clear away any questions you may have in advance.

  • You should do so by reaching out to your insurance provider and posing specific hypothetical scenarios and ask what would happen in such a situation.

Making sure you have landlord insurance for a leaking roof?

Keeping the above in mind, you must exercise your foresight at all times, in order to safeguard your interests - especially when dealing with a landlord insurance company.

  • Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the emotional appeal of your insurance agent; always make sure to be very rational and carefully consider the implications of every statement in your policy.

  • A simple way to make sure you effectively have landlord insurance for a leaking roof is to simply ask about it by posing very specific hypothetical questions. Just ask “What would happen if there would be damage caused by leaking roof, for example?

  • How would the evaluation process pan out? What kind of cover would I need to ensure a full compensation? What would happen if there were damages to my furniture? Am I expected to submit photos of my roof, to prove it’s adequately maintained at the time when I sign the policy? Is there anything else I need to know?”

  • The more precise your questions are, the less leeway there will be for subjective interpretations that may work against you, in the event there is indeed damage from a leaking roof.

Exercise your foresight and you’ll keep yourself from experiencing a good deal of stress, down the line.

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