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Landlord Insurance Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland.

Because of its history, festivals, stunning views and tourist attractions, Edinburgh is one of the top cities to visit or live in.

Its population is estimated at around 489000, 518000 if we consider the council area, and it attracts over 3.85 million tourists every year.

These numbers show that it is a great time to invest in rental properties.

  1. Taking the right precautions will also ensure that the investment does not end up in a complete flop.

  2. Landlord insurance in Edinburgh is a must to guarantee a successful, safeguarded use of the asset.

But let’s talk about the essentials first…

Landlord Insurance Edinburgh

The two property types

As previously mentioned, Edinburgh is a perfect ground for renting out properties, both long-term and holiday homes.


The structure of Edinburgh offers a very versatile field for housing, usually easily divided in two main zones:

  • The “slow” zones: where long-term tenants tend to REALLY stay long-term. As in years.

  • The “fast” zones: usually near offices or universities, tenancies might be as short as a few weeks. So, to be precise, these are actually short-term renting types, but there will be a constant flow of new tenants. This gives the landlord the peace of mind of a long-term renting asset even if it is in fact many short-term contracts with different tenants.

This “slow” zone is usually the safer one as it is steadier and more regular.



They could also be poorly managed regular properties to rent or unoccupied properties, but those are types we are not going to discuss it in this article.

  • Properties used for the purpose of holiday homes are generally riskier as they fluctuate depending on the moment of the year.

  • The periods when they are vacant are not favorable, not only because of no revenue, but also for the lesser safety of the property itself.

  • These reasons make this option a riskier one, but with greater possibilities. And Edinburgh is full of possibilities.

The two insurance types

Purchasing the right landlord insurance, is probably one of the most important decisions when letting a property in Edinburgh.

The commons

The common points between long-term insurance (landlord insurance) and holiday home insurance (landlord insurance for holiday rental).

The possibility of having any of the three main covers (the building insurance, the contents insurance and the liability insurance) customized to your needs.

Coverage should also depend on the position of the property: since Edinburgh is so variegated, certain properties might be more prone to flooding.

So, it might be a good idea to make sure the property is covered for those incidents, no matter what customized insurance plan you decide to go for.

The differences

  • Long-term - Since it is a “safer property” the general cost of the insurance will be lower, which will balance the lesser income coming in from the property.
    In addition to that, the possibility of building a trusting relationship with long-term tenants, could have a lever on the possibility of wavering some coverage.

  • Holiday - The cost will be approximately 35% higher than a regular landlord insurance, but definitely worth the extra cost, especially during the busiest times for tourists: festival, new year… they all mean alcohol… and alcohol means mess… cover yourself and everyone involved.

  • Full coverage would be advised, and since the tourists flow in Edinburgh at any time of year, it would be a good idea to have it all year round.

These are the basics to get started on the path of deciding the right landlord insurance in Edinburgh.

Compare landlord insurance in Edinburgh and get a better online price.


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