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Block Policy Landlords Insurance Guide!

Although some landlords seem to think that a landlord insurance block policy for multiple properties is very expensive but you may be wrong. Owning multiple properties and having your policy with one company can be affordable and you can find such a policy.

Let us help you find cheaper block policy landlords insurance easily.

It is imperative that landlords know even though they have two of the same properties, their insurance can be cheaper if they cover one business, with one policy. They not must get an additional insurance policy and have second insurance to ensure that the insurance company covers both properly.

About Cash Flow

There are several web sites on around about this topic, and several different web sites where landlords have posted questions about this. The reason for not having a second insurance policy is just a money saving solution.

And this in effect can cause your businesses cash flow to be steady.

Understanding The Policy

It would be essentially the same with a car or a truck as well. Each vehicle should have it’s own insurance but if you can, with the same company. It can be one policy however; they all have different numbers they go by showing that each vehicle is indeed insured.

Uses of a Policy

In some instances however, believe it or not, a landlord insurance policy has two many different uses.

This isn’t out of the ordinary depending on the value of the properties. It is up to the owner and what they want as far as insurance to their decision on having second insurance coverage on one flat or house. Sometimes this could be due to the fact that the property has been restored and is high value.

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Or in some cases, the properties have value within it, such as an expensive stereo or furniture; you’ll need contacts insurance for that. Either way this decision is totally up to the owner as to the point of having their contents covered.

Can a Block Policy Lower Your Cost?

Using landlord insurance coverage in many situations can reduce your insurance however. Simply because some insurance companies offer discounts when you have more than one property insured through their company a broker. Or your monthly payments or installments may be reduced depending once again on the insurance company. Either way you should ultimately save some money by taking this route.

Adding Properties is Very Easy

It is not difficult to add another property to an existing insurance policy. Most of the time all the insurance company will require is basic information about the new property being placed on the policy, such as the type of building, the value, content cover, public liability insurance, and information of this sort.

Some Legal Stuff

It is important to remember that in the UK it is illegal not to have any type of insurance on a property so this is something not to be taken lightly. Your landlord insurance block policy should be taken care of promptly.

However, insurance companies in the UK are realizing that the insurance rates for a landlord are rather high premiums to pay and are working on different schemes and ways of lowering these rates as many people own flats or bungalows.

Do You Own Flats?

And, unfortunately there are many homeowners who are running a business letting out flats without any type of insurance due to the high rates and premiums. So with the idea of landlords insurance this makes the concept even worse. Statistics show that most people whom own properties and insurer them have gotten landlord insurance block policy for multiple propertiesinitially, that’s not a problem.

The issue is keeping up with the insurance rates to the point that the homeowners have to let the insurance lapse because they just can’t afford the rates.

Get a Block Policy Sorted Today Landlords!

This is a good sign, and this is also helping those who have the need to be legally insured get that way. The idea of not having any insurance is a nightmare. And, for those people who need second van insurance, the reductions could help out tremendously.

For the most part landlord insurance block policy policies that are written up each day seem to be higher for multiple home owners than for any single home owners in the UK, so that’s why landlords use comparison site like

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