Landlord insurance for 90 days For Short-Term let's and more

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Can I get landlord insurance for 90 days?

Yes you can, there may be a cancelation fee involved when you want to cancel the policy, as most insurance companies will only offer an annual policy.

Can I cancel in 90 days time?

Yes, just give them a phone and they sort it out for you, like we said, there may be a cancelation fee to cover admin costs for the insurer. Please notify the company that you only want a policy for 90 days, and they’ll let you know if they can give you one, this will also make sure you can cancel after the 90-day period.

Can I restart my cover again when I need it?

Yes you can, if you need to restart your policy later in the year, just give the company a quick call of come back to UK Landlord for another quote.

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