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Once upon a time - not too long ago, it was somewhat customary for the British people to add an independent extension to their homes. The point of doing so was to provide a comfortable space for ageing family members.

  • This arrangement would allow them to remain independent enough and still benefit from being in close proximity to their kin.

  • For this reason, these types of self-contained units are fondly regarded as “granny flats”.

Times have changed, traditions have evolved, but this type of residence is now once again increasing in popularity - which raises a number of questions from the home insurance standpoint.

Information on granny flats

For the purpose of getting landlord home insurance, renting out a granny flat is regarded as the middle ground between availing a room to a lodger and renting a full home to a tenant.

  • It’s not quite a separate habitation, but it’s also not exactly the same thing as simply sharing living quarters with a paid guest.

  • This is why granny flat insurance is usually a category of its own, regarded as a self-contained accommodation for insurance purposes.

What does granny flat insurance fall under?

Technically speaking, granny flat insurance falls under a “self-contained annex insurance”, since it covers most situations where you have added a extension to your home, regardless of whether a granny has ever lived there.

  • This type of specialist insurance has various forms adapted to the exact occupation of the annex; depending on who lives there.

  • You may need a granny flat insurance, a holiday let insurance or a rented annex insurance.

This type of insurance will both serve to compensate you in the case your granny accidentally causes damage to your property, as well to keep you safe in situations where you might be subject to liabilities as the property owner.

In case your granny or anyone else is injured inside your property.

When will you need to get landlord insurance granny flat?

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  • You will need to get a landlord insurance for granny flats if want to allow any family members to live in your house annex without paying rent.

  • The point of this insurance is to protect your investment in building a house extension, by safeguarding the relevant structure along with its contents from damaging accidents.

  • This may not seem terribly important if you’re simply availing the independent annex as housing for your aging relative so you can watch them and take care of them.

  • However, even in such such a situation, you may find it’s a worthwhile investment since accidents happen when you least expect... and this a relatively inexpensive insurance that will help you make sure your property is protected at all times.

  • It’s also worth noting that most people who own a granny flat will typically use the self-contained units for different purposes as time goes by.

  • At some point it may be used to accommodate a granny, then it could become the first house of a young adult in the family (a very common arrangement in this day and age of rocketing house prices); or you may use it to accommodate friends who are visiting.

  • Since you never know what tomorrow will bring, it could be simpler to just aim to keep the property insured at all times in foresight of any potential issues that could arise.

Why worry about property damages when you can simply upgrade to landlord insurance for granny flats?

Even if you’re not fortunate enough to still have your granny around, there are many good reasons to keep your self-contained annex insured.

This will allow you to remain flexible when a family member requests to use your spare quarters, without having to worry too much about mishaps and accidents involving your property.

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