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Travelling by motorhome is liberating, but it also comes with its own unique set of responsibilities. One of these is obtaining the right insurance cover. This blog post aims to guide you through the complexities of motorhome insurance in the UK.

is Motorhome Insurance a legal requirement?

In the UK, it's a legal requirement to have insurance for any vehicle on the road, and motorhomes are no exception. Beyond the legal obligation, motorhome insurance provides financial protection against unforeseen events such as accidents, theft, or fire, which could result in costly repairs or even replacement of your vehicle.

Understanding The Different Types of Motorhome Insurance

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover provides the highest level of insurance. It covers accidental damage, theft, and fire, as well as any third-party liability for injury or damage.

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Cover

This level of cover protects you against any damage or injury to third parties and covers your motorhome in case of theft or fire.

Third-Party Only Cover

This is the minimum level of cover required by law. It only covers damages or injuries to third parties caused by your motorhome.


Factors Influencing Motorhome Insurance Quotes

Motorhome insurance quotes vary based on a number of factors including the age and driving experience of the driver, the security measures implemented in the vehicle, and the mileage and usage of the motorhome.

How to Get the Best Motorhome Insurance Quotes

To get the best quotes, it's recommended to shop around and compare policies from different insurers. Leveraging discounts, such as those offered for no claims bonuses, and understanding the impact of excess on quotes can also help in getting a better deal.

searching for the best motorhome insurance quote

While searching for the best motorhome insurance quote, it's essential to ensure that the chosen policy provides adequate coverage for your needs. Remember, insurance is not just a legal requirement but a means to protect your prized motorhome against unforeseen circumstances.

So don’t skimp on cover, make sure you get the right motorhome insurance for your needs. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-time motorhome, this guide should have provided some insight into the complexities of obtaining motorhome insurance in the UK.

Compare motorhome insurance quotes


Utilising Motorhome Insurance Brokers

  • Navigating the sea of motorhome insurance options can be challenging, especially for a first-time motorhome owner. That's where motorhome insurance brokers come into play. 

  • These professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape and are familiar with the different types of policies available in the market. They can provide personalised advice based on your specific needs and circumstances, and help you find the most suitable and cost-effective cover.

  • Insurance brokers often have access to exclusive deals not available to the general public and can negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible terms. Moreover, they can assist you with the paperwork and guide you through the claims process if you ever need to make a claim. 

  • Remember, the goal is not just to find cheap insurance, but to find a policy that offers the right level of protection for your motorhome. Using a trusted motorhome insurance broker can simplify this task and provide you with peace of mind as you embark on your motorhome adventures.

Motorhome Insurance in Spain

  • If you're planning to take your motorhome to Spain, you'll need to ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage. Just like in the UK, insuring your motorhome is legally compulsory in Spain. This not only ensures compliance with the law, but also provides essential protection against the unforeseen, such as accidents or theft.

  • Spanish motorhome insurance policies often align with the standard formats you would see in the UK, including comprehensive cover, third-party, fire and theft cover, and third-party only cover. However, specific requirements and provisions might vary from those in the UK, and it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with these details before your journey.

  • When insuring your motorhome for travel in Spain, consider factors such as how long you plan to stay, where you'll be staying, and what type of activities you'll be undertaking. These details can influence the kind of coverage you will need.

  • Importantly, while many UK insurers offer European coverage as part of their policies, this might not always be the case or there may be limitations on the duration of the coverage. Therefore, it's vital to confirm with your insurer whether your current coverage extends to Spain, or if you need to arrange additional international or extended coverage.

  • Finally, if you're going to frequently travel to Spain or spend extended periods there, you might want to consider a Spanish motorhome insurance policy. These policies are tailored to the local laws and requirements and may provide more comprehensive coverage when in Spain. As always, it's recommended to compare quotations from different insurers to get the best deal. Safe travels!

Securing Motorhome Insurance Online

  • In today's digital age, obtaining motorhome insurance has never been easier. Numerous insurance companies offer online platforms where you can review policy details, submit a quote request, and even purchase coverage – all without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Online insurance providers usually have user-friendly websites with clear instructions and forms to fill out. Entering your motorhome specifications, driver information, and coverage preferences can generate an instant quote. Some providers allow you to adjust the quote by modifying the excess, adding optional extras, or changing coverage levels.

  • While securing insurance online is convenient, it’s crucial to research and compare different providers to ensure you’re getting the best policy for your needs. Reading customer reviews and understanding the terms and conditions of the policy can be invaluable.

  • Remember, while price is an important factor, the goal is obtaining an insurance policy that offers adequate protection for your motorhome. After all, peace of mind while travelling is priceless.

Motorhome Insurance for Over 70's

  • For motorhome enthusiasts over 70, getting motorhome insurance might seem a bit daunting due to the perceived risks associated with older drivers. However, there are many insurers who appreciate the experience and carefulness that comes with age and provide tailored policies for this demographic.

  • It's essential to disclose your age and any health conditions to your insurer, as these can impact your insurance premium and the terms of your policy. Be sure to ask about any age-related discounts, as some insurers offer these to reward safe and experienced drivers.

  • The key factor to consider when selecting motorhome insurance for those over 70 is the level of coverage. You should assess the types of journeys you'll be making, the value of your motorhome and its contents, and your budget. Comprehensive coverage is advisable, as it provides the broadest level of protection, covering you for accidents, fire, theft, and third-party liability.

  • While getting the best insurance quote is important, equally vital is choosing an insurer that offers excellent customer service and claims support. Travels should be worry-free, especially at an age when you should be enjoying life to the fullest.

  • Remember, age is just a number, and with the right motorhome insurance, your adventurous spirit needn't be curtailed. Keep exploring, keep travelling!
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Motorhome background 1

Short-Term Motorhome Insurance: Cover for One Week

  • For those planning a brief escape or a one-week adventure in their motorhome, short-term motorhome insurance can be an ideal option. This type of policy provides the same comprehensive protection as an annual policy, but for a shorter duration, typically ranging from one day to a few weeks.

  • When considering short-term motorhome insurance for one week, you'll want to ensure that it covers all the necessary aspects such as accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability. You should also verify if it includes coverage for personal belongings, equipment, and any fitted accessories in your motorhome.

  • Purchasing a one-week motorhome insurance policy is straightforward, available through a simple online process on most insurers' websites. You'll need to provide details about your motorhome, your driving history, and the dates you require coverage.

  • Remember, while short-term motorhome insurance can be cost-effective for one-off trips or occasional use, frequent travellers might find annual policies more economical in the long run. So, whether you're heading to a festival, a motorhome rally, or a quick getaway, rest assured, there's a flexible insurance option to keep your journey protected.

Utilising Motorhome Insurance Comparison Sites

  • Motorhome insurance comparison sites are valuable resources that can save you time and potentially a good deal of money. They allow you to compare multiple insurance quotes from a variety of providers all on one platform.

  •  Examples of such sites include, GoCompare, and MoneySuperMarket. All you need to do is enter your motorhome details and personal information, and these sites will return a range of insurance quotes from different providers, allowing you to compare the cover levels and prices side by side.

  • Remember, the cheapest quote may not always be the best fit for you. It's crucial to review policy details and ensure that the insurance cover meets all your needs. Are breakdowns covered? What about contents insurance for your belongings inside the motorhome? Does the policy offer European cover if you decide to explore outside the UK? These are all pertinent questions to ask when using comparison sites.

  • Do bear in mind that not all insurance companies feature on comparison sites. So, it's worth checking with some direct insurers to ensure you're getting the best possible deal. Using motorhome insurance comparison sites alongside your own research can help you secure the right cover at a competitive price.

Getting a Quote for RV Motorhome Insurance

  • To get a quote for RV motorhome insurance, first, gather all the necessary information. This includes your vehicle's make, model, age, and value, as well as details about your driving history and intended use of the motorhome.

  • Most insurance companies provide a simple online form to fill out. After submitting this form, the company will calculate a quote based on the information provided and the level of coverage you have selected. You'll receive this quote either instantly on the website or via email.

  • Remember, it's always a good idea to get quotes from several different insurance companies for comparison. Policies can vary in price as well as what they cover, so don't simply opt for the cheapest quote. Instead, carefully consider what each policy includes and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Getting a quote for RV motorhome insurance is a vital step towards ensuring you're fully covered while on the road. By doing your due diligence and comparing multiple quotes, you can find a policy that provides the coverage you need at a price you're comfortable with.

Reading Motorhome Insurance Reviews

  • Before finalising your motorhome insurance, it's very beneficial to read reviews from other customers. Reviews can offer a first-hand perspective on the quality of service an insurance provider offers, including their claims handling process, customer service, and whether they deliver on their policy promises. 

  • Sites like Trustpilot or provide a platform for customers to share their experiences with different insurance providers.

  • When looking at reviews, it's important not to focus solely on the star rating. Make sure to read the individual comments to understand the reasons behind the score. Some customers may have unique circumstances that resulted in a negative experience, which may not apply to you.

  • Also, consider the response of the insurance company to any negative reviews. A company that takes the time to respond and address the issues raised shows a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Keep in mind, however, that reviews should not be the only factor in your decision-making process. They should be used alongside the detailed policy information and your own needs and circumstances.

The Cost of Motorhome Insurance

  • The cost of motorhome insurance varies widely depending on numerous factors. These factors include the make, model, and age of your motorhome, its value, the age and driving record of the driver, the area in which you live and where the motorhome is stored, the level of cover you choose, and the annual mileage you expect to drive.

  • In general, motorhome insurance in the UK can range anywhere from £200 to over £500 per year for comprehensive cover, though prices can be higher or lower depending on your specific circumstances. 

  • For instance, a driver with a clean driving record, who stores their motorhome in a secure location when not in use, might expect to pay less than a driver with previous claims or convictions, who parks their motorhome on the street.
business motorhome-insurance

Where can you get a good motorhome insurance quote from?

  • When evaluating the cost of motorhome insurance, bear in mind that the cheapest policy is not always the best choice. It's crucial to ensure that your insurance provides the level of cover that you need. 

  • You may find that paying a little more for your insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your motorhome is fully protected.

  • Remember, it's always worth shopping around and using comparison sites to ensure you get the best deal for your specific needs. And don't forget to check for any discounts you might be eligible for, such as a no-claims bonus or a discount for fitting security devices to your motorhome.

do you want a good motorhome insurance quote?

And to end this article, securing the right motorhome insurance is paramount for every RV owner. Not only does it provide financial protection against unexpected incidents, but it also gives you peace of mind during your travels.

Remember, the process of finding the right insurance involves more than just looking for the lowest price.

It's about understanding your unique needs and finding a policy that provides the right level of coverage. Use comparison sites to your advantage, read customer reviews, and don't hesitate to ask questions to potential insurance providers. Ultimately, the goal is to enjoy your travels knowing that you're adequately covered, no matter what the road may bring.

Find a belter of  a motorhome insurance quote with the perfect insurer for your motorhome - Compare quotes NOW!

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