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Don't count out discounts when searching for nursery minibus insurance!

Even if a particular company's insurance rates aren't the lowest ones in the industry, various discounts that it offers can definitely overcompensate for higher rates.

While several discounts can be available, here are some of the most common ones: 

1. Anti-Theft and Safety Equipment Discount

These types of items can help to prevent your minibus from becoming a liability. While such equipment can have a hefty price tag, the investment is worth it if you can enjoy a generous discount for Safety and Anti-Theft equipment. 

Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!

2. Defensive Driving Course Discount

There's learning to drive--and then there's learning to drive defensively. More and more companies that offer nursery minibus insurance provide discounts for those who have completed Defensive Driving Courses. 

Different insurance companies will have different criteria that must be met. For example, the length of the course might have to be X number of hours, and you might have to complete the course offline rather than online. 

3. Good Driver Discount

  • It's no secret that having a clean driving record will make it easier to find nursery minibus insurance. But sometimes insurance companies reward you further by providing discounts for good drivers. 
  • Typically you must have received no traffic tickets and not been at fault in a vehicular accident, within a certain timeframe. Typically that timeframe is three years, though it differ between different companies. 
  • It's been said before (and again and again) that accidents happen. But avoiding at-fault accidents for three years is a good indicator that you're a safe driver. 

4. Good Student Discount

Your son or daughter might be indifferent about saving you money on car insurance.

  • But they'd likely care about making it affordable enough for them to drive! Many minibus insurance companies offer discounts for college and high school students who maintain a particular Grade Point Average (GPA). 
  • Typically it's a B or 3.0 average. This type of discount for minibus insurance will not only save you money, but also encourage the next generation of drivers to hit the books before hitting the road. 
Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!

5. Low Mileage Discount 

OK, it's probably a case of stating the obvious by mentioning that driving less reduces the likelihood that you'll be in an accident. 

  • But it's worth mentioning. The bottom line for most insurance companies is their bottom line. So the less you drive your minibus, the less likely you'll need to file an insurance claim. 
  • Even if you don't qualify for a Low Mileage Discount, you might want to consider keeping your minibus parked when driving it is unnecessary. That could save you a small fortune on minibus insurance. 

6. Multiple Vehicle Discount

  • Sometimes more is better, and helps you to pay less. Another type of discount for minibus insurance provides lower rates if multiple drivers at your home or company drive multiple minibuses. 
  • This situation gives the insurer with a type of repeat customer, so some of them are willing to provide a Multiple Vehicle Discount as a means of thanks.

When you want to look beyond rates, the above discounts can help you to find minibus insurance for your nursery.

Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!
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