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This guide talks about multi campervan insurance and how to get the right discounts and where to go to find the best prices. While we usually look for campervan insurance with lower rates, sometimes more is better specifically, policies that cover multiple vans. Here are some facts about such policies:

1. They cover more than one vehicle

Typically the vehicles must be registered at the same address. This makes multi van van insurance policies ideal for families and businesses in particular. While the maximum number of vehicles that you can include in a policy differs, oftentimes it includes up to five camper vans. It makes perfect sense for households and business that own multiple vans and simultaneously benefits the insurer.

2. They can provide different amounts of savings

As always, it’s important to do some number crunching before you take out a van insurance policy for multiple vans.

  • The amount of savings that you can enjoy can differ significantly. In fact, you might even determine that it wouldn’t be wise to take out a policy.
  • Another step that you should take is to shop around.
  • Different insurers will have different types of policies for households and businesses that want to insure more than one van. 
  • Also, the amount of savings can be exponentially different based on the number of vans that you insure.
  • Also, the amount of savings can be exponentially different based on the number of vans that you insure.
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While one company might have the lowest rates when insuring two camper vans, another company might have lower rates if you need to insure more than two vans. The bottom line is that you should crunch the numbers before you buy a policy.

Finally, different insurers offer different types of discounts on premiums, so you can further increase your savings by learning about which discounts the drivers included in your multi campervan insurance policy qualify for.

3. They can involve the changing of vehicles

During the term of a particular van insurance policy for multiple vans, it’s possible that you’ll need to change the vans that are covered by the multi campervan insurance policy. That can result from various situations, such as damaged or stolen vans, the replacement of old vans, and so on. The ability to change vans is particularly important for companies, which tend to change the vehicles that they use for their business quite frequently.

If you’re unable to change the vans that are included in your policy, this could cause various logistical problems in the future if you have to purchase new insurance policies. Buyer beware!

4. They can involve high insurance bills

While a multi-van policy is usually cheaper than buying single policies for each van, they can still involve high costs. So look for companies that offer monthly bills as an option.

5. They can involve multiple drivers

This is an important issue to consider when purchasing a van insurance policy for multiple vans. More specifically, which drivers will be insured for which campervans?

  • This is a particularly important issue when you’re operating a business that owns vans. You’ll likely want certain drivers to operate certain vans.
  • If you aren’t 100% sure about the mechanics of a particular multi-van insurance policy, then you can experience problems later if a driver operates a van that he or she isn’t insured for.
  • If your household or business owns multiple vans, then you should definitely consider a multiple-campervan insurance policy for the above reasons.

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