Motor Trade Insurance for Over 25 Year Olds

Motor Trade Insurance for Over 25 Year Olds*

Motor trade insurance for over 25-year-olds has a lot to answer for in regards to insurance premiums because they're through the roof.

Just like any insurance, like car and van insurance, you'll pay more because your only 25 and you've still got a lot of experience to gather when working with customers vehicles.

How to Find Cheaper Over 25 Motor Traders Insurance?

The first thing you can do is trying to get some quotes and see what prices come out and if it's too expensive, you could ask a member of your family to go the policyholder, but most of the time the insurance company wants someone who is employed by that company.

Your father or brother could work for you part-time, even if it's only 5 hours a week.

The second thing you can do is go to a specialized insurer or broker who has most of the best insurers like Tradex or OneSureInsurance. They can help you get a policy, but you'll pay for it through the nose because you're over 25.

Nothing else you can do there, "motor trader to be soon".

The third thing you can do is ask for part-time motor traders insurance for the first year until your no-claims bonus has accumulated. I know it's a year, but you've got to wait like any person who takes on a motor trader insurance policy.

When You Have a Policy in Place!

When you have a policy in place, remember you're not stuck with that price every year, because you can compare motor trade insurance prices the following year and because you have a new "one-year motor trade insurance no claims bonus" to your name, you could save £100's from what it cost your first year.

Other Motor Traders Insurance Tips:

You could save even more money if you went for a third-party motor trade insurance policy where you can only drive motors at a certain value. Getting third-part again may not suit your insurer because the claims made against you might be too much of a risk for them.

And most trader policies are comprehensive in nature from the start because you and your employees are driving customer's cars, from a Fiat Punto to a Bently Continental GT Sport worth £100,000, a good policy is essential.

What Does My Traders Policy Cover?

Road risks

  • A traders policy will cover you and your customer's vehicles for vandalism and accidental damage while you're driving them on the road.

  • The policy will also cover you for fire and theft, whether you are taking a third-party fire and theft only or a comprehensive motor traders insurance policy, which you will have to decide at the time you're getting a quote.

Combined Premises Traders Insurance

  • If you run a garage forecourt or other motor trade business that operates outside your owe personal address you will be looking at a combined insurance motor traders in the UK.

  • This will give you all the protection from Road risks and keep your company separate from your own home.

The MID Database

  1. The MIT database is a very handy tool for motor traders as it keeps you in-line and insurance companies insist on you keeping this up today what's the customer vehicles you're driving that date and who is driving them, in some cases.

  2. It works like this a new customer pop through the door hands you the keys and then you process the vehicle registration number through the MIT database to make sure that you are all insured and up-to-date when you take your customers vehicle on the road.

  3. Compare motor traders insurance for over 25 years olds and you could save a few pounds just by using this free comparison tool, designed for the smarter UK motor traders out there.

  4. If you would like to know much more about the MIT database and how it works, go to the website here.

Do you need a motor trade quote for 25 years and over?

If you do, that's brilliant because your in the right place for cheaper motor trader insurance for 25 year olds and over.

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