Minibus Insurance for Childminders

Getting Minibus Insurance for Childminders

It is very tempting when trying to get a better quote for minibus insurance for childminders to fudge the truth or to simply skimp on coverage by taking a larger excess then you can really afford.

Be honest and be truthful with the type and amount of coverage you need to be safe. 

Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!


  1. With the accident rates on the roads going with limited insurance is a risk and if you have given non-honest information that can be the basis of the insurance company not paying if you need to file a claim later. 
  2. Skipping insurance or being under insured is not a really good answer either. Part of the reason for having insurance is to make sure that if an accident happens you will be able to correct or repair the damage. 
  3. So you do want to get minibus insurance but you do not want to skimp on it. What this means is looking for the best value not the lowest price. 
  4. Preserve your entire reason for having insurance in the first place is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can get your minibus repaired in the case of an accident or cover the cost of being a fault if necessary. 

If you own a minibus or a fleet of them and need minibus insurance for a childminder for the lot make sure you are adding any other drivers you need to the policy, or you will end up being the only one able to legally drive them. 

Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!
  • Remember though that the more drivers you have listed in your fleet the more the insurance will cost, unless the drivers you hire have experience and a good driving record. 
  • The lower the risk the pose the less they cost you. 
  • The best drivers may even offer you are bonus by way of lowering your premiums.

To take adminibustage of this, make sure you seek older experienced drivers who have less of a record of getting into accidents.

  • All that is really required for the insurance is that the driver have a valid license, but adding younger drivers will raise the cost of your premiums.
  • One way around this is to have certain minibuss with comprehensive coverage for those younger drivers. 
  • This allows you to train new workers and get them experienced before adding them to the standard driver pool. 
Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!

Watch that your minibus insurance policy allows you the benefits you need, be it a replacement vehicle or speedy repair work in case of accidents. You might also want to ask about coverage for wear and tear.

  1. Minibus breakdown cover will ensure that you can get your minibus back on the road quickly when something stalls it. 
  2. Also pay attention to where you need to drive. If you have need to perform courier services on the mainland, then there are special coverage policies that allow for it without it costing you more in short term insurance. 

Pay attention to these things and you should be able to get minibus insurance for childminders that not only is within your budget but that also provides you with the coverage you need.

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  2. links::: Or you can return to the UKLI Compare homepage to find out more about other insurance.

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