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When you file a claim on your any driver minibus insurance there is always some amount you must pay.

This is called Excess.

It is typically paid to the mechanic who has made the repairs on the vehicle directly from you so he or she will release the minibus to you. 

There are two parts to this fee, and it is not always the same amount for every person. 

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But what makes this what it is? 

Excess is derived from two factors. The first part is a fixed sum that insurance companies expect everyone to pay out of their own pocket.

  1. This can vary from company to company, so when checking any driver minibus insurance policies you should consider this amount along with the premium costs. 
  2. This excess amount protects the insurance company from excessive small claims because they do not cover everything completely. 

By having an excess amount, small repairs that can be paid for out of pocket and be simply paid for by you and you can avoid making a claim altogether (the bonus of this is that you can preserve any non-claim savings you might have because of this).

  • The compulsory excess amount included in any driver minibus insurance varies by certain statistics too.
  • Those with many accidents within a short amount of time, or who have more expensive vehicles will typically have a higher compulsory excess amount. 
  • Younger drivers will find they have more out of pocket expense too at least until they get their record proven as a careful driver. 
  • Note that the lowest premiums may come with a very high compulsory excess amount which will not, in the event of a claim, actually save you in money at all. 
Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!

But the story about excess does not end here. While there is a fixed amount that needs to be paid by you, or the compulsory excess, many companies offer you a way to reduce your premiums on any driver minibus insurance even further. 

  • This extra reduction comes in the form of a voluntary excess amount. When you are applying for insurance quotes you will be asked how much you will pay out of pocket when a claim is filed. 
  • The higher this amount is the lower your premiums will be. This amount is in addition to the compulsory excess, meaning you must pay the total amount before the insurance company will pay anything. 
  • Keep this in mind then as you compare quotes. The excess amount can make or break a insurance contact as a deal for you. Paying a little more for coverage you can actually use might be very worth spending your money on. 
  • If the company has a low compulsory excess amount you can always make the voluntary excess amount higher if you can afford it to reduce your premiums. 

Going for a higher compulsory excess amount means that you must pay more out of pocket before the voluntary amount even kicks in and no matter how any driver minibus insurance premiums might be, if you cannot pay the excess it is a waste of your money.

Compare quotes on minibus insurance for private or business use and fast!
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