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Use a Landlord Insurance Broker That Works!

Use a Landlord Insurance Broker That Works!

So why use a landlord insurance broker, landlords? Well, there's a few good reason and please don't shy away from using a good broker because they can save you a lot of hassle.

Here's some information to help you find a policy through a broker who can help you find affordable rates and a cracking policy at the same time

Test Drive The Policy

Buying a policy is easy enough to do, it's insuring your new (rented) flat or house with the right cover... that can be another story. Obviously, when you buy a policy, you can't test drive it, but you can compare the price against your budget and evaluate your needs before making the purchase.

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Why a Broker Works?

However, you can't always do quite the same when it comes to your insurance policy; naturally, and like we said, you can't test drive landlord insurance coverage. However, you can shop around for insurance quotes with a landlord insurance broker in order to find the best price available for coverage which meets your needs.

The Risks, The Factors and The Policy

There are a number of factors which will influence the cost of your landlord's insurance premiums, including the type of property you own or rent out, the type of tenant that rents from you and the condition of the property when you first insured it.

The Factors

Landlord Insurance Broker

Other factors include on what cover you want to take out, whether it be buildings insurance or contents insurance only. Also, how many properties you own, whether it be flats, houses or a commercial building. All of these can influence the let insurance quotes you are given and many of these are things that insurance companies will want to know before offering a quote.

Reducing Your Policy with a Broker

However, there are other things you can do to reduce your business insurance premiums. For instance, if the insurance company you are thinking of going with also offers multiple property discounts, you can generally get deep discounts by adding all your flats/house with the same company and this works well.

Similarly, you can get a sizeable discount by insuring your whole business with added public and employee liability insurance if you employ people in your letting business.

Make The Broker Work for You

You can ask the landlord insurance broker to do this work for you. A good broker will do what they can to help and if you do have multiple properties, a broker really is your best bet here, landlords.

Other Things You Can to Reduce Costs?

Other things you can do to get lower premiums include only taking out buildings insurance for each property; obviously, this isn't possible for every property, but it covers things such as fire and structural damages.

If you rent your flat/house relatively infrequently, you may be able to add certain cover as the year goes by. You can also get a cheaper rate by doing this as landlords insurance isn't that expensive for the one property.

Again, this is not a good option for every landlord, but it is something you may want to look into if saving on your premiums is a must due to a limited budget for your letting business.

Finding The Right Price The First time

How you shop for your landlord's insurance can also influence the price you end up paying. For example, when you begin your search for with a landlord insurance broker online, you can often get a better deal - both on the quote and on your premiums.

Why is a Broker Safe to Use?

Just like we said earlier, but a broker should be all you need for good cover as all insurance is regulated and safe to buy from any UK company. Just make sure you know where you stand and read your policy or get the broker to break it down for you when you purchase or before you purchase a policy.
Like buying just about anything else, you can find savings when you comparison shop for the best deal; and letting insurance is no exception.

How Can We Help You?

You can look at individual landlord insurers or brokers websites to get quotes or if you'd like to save even more time and effort, you can use our service right here for quotes from comparison sites, individual companies and broker. Yes, we do it all here landlords.

Get Quoted From Broker and Trusted Insurer

The sites we work with allow you to get quotes from many different insurance companies quickly by filling out a single form. You provide your location, the type property you own, your policy start date and other basic business details and within minutes, then you'll be provided with quotes for insurance policies from a variety of companies.

Shopping for letting insurance can be a time-consuming process, but our fast and secure, online resources make it much less of a chore.

Start Your Quote with a Good Landlord Insurance Broker

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