AXA landlord insurance

  1. Up to £10 million property owners’ liability cover
  2. Repair or rebuild your property after a loss with buildings insurance
  3. 0% interest on instalments if you pay monthly

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AXA landlord insurance
AXA landlord insurance

AXA landlord insurance provides UK landlords with good value products that protect you as a buy-to-let landlord. We'll show you exactly what AXA provide and what they cover by choosing AXA for your buy-to-let landlord insurance needs.

  • Up to £10 million property owners’ liability cover
  • Repair or rebuild your property after a loss with buildings insurance
  • 0% interest on instalments if you pay monthly

Why AXA Landlord Insurance?

AXA landlord insurance is a very good product for UK landlords, but how do you know that? This guide will take you through what AXA provide for UK buy-to-let landlords.

A bit about AXA, as a company...

The AXA company has been going for a long time, actually since 1816; that's 204 years ago and revenues of €102.9 billion recorded in 2018, that shows you that they can pay out a claim for a buy-to-let landlord.

And even more impressively, the company has €930.7 billion (that's nearly 1 trillion pounds) as of 2018 in assets, like the buildings they've purchased around the world, land ownership, computer systems and everything else the AXA company owns outright.

And when you think that after over 200 years of buying assets (that's what Kings and Queens do) and that's why Elizabeth II owns 6.6 billion acres of land around the world.

  • And they employ 125,934, (since 2018) so customer service is spot-on as we'll explain in more detail below in this article.

  • Big companies like AXA are here to stay for the next 250 years.

  • So if you're worried about an insurance company or comparing your options got buy-to-let purposes, you can say trusted AXA landlord insurance is the way to go.

AXA's main products are property insurance (buy-to-let landlord insurance) and casualty insurance, life, health and investment management.


Right, enough about AXA's history and company briefing.

What does AXA landlord insurance cover?

With every good landlord insurance policy, an AXA landlord insurance will offer you a good buildings insurance policy for your buy-to-let properties.

That's the most important one you need.

  1. Then, of course, property contents are very important and protecting your contents like fitting and fittings, doors, white goods etc.

  2. AXA will offer you a policy that covers all this, your buildings, your contents and liability protection for people around your business, tenants and contractors visiting one of your properties.

  3. If they fall or get hurt AXA offers liability cover if that ever happens, it's a like saver for people who do actually hurt themselves badly and they can't go back to work.

AXA's policy benefits

Landlord liability insurance - protection from very expensive court actions, resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation claims or even more it could be millions.

AXA has a max pay-out of £10,000,000, if someone injures themselves around or within one of your rented properties.

1. Buildings insurance - This is the most important policy as if prospects your let properties if they become a victim of arson or bad fire damage. If that happens AXA will pay the cost to rebuild so you have no loss, they even pay the rent as the works getting done, more on that soon.

2. AXA also provide alternative accommodation cover for tenants if one of your let properties becomes uninhabitable. This could be a lot of different things like fire or flood disasters, the roof getting struck by lightning, anything that happens and your tenants need to move.

AXA will look at things and if all checks out in terms of what happened and it's a valid claim - your tenants are moved into a nice and warm home.

3. When cable work or underground pipes burst it spells trouble and it's costly for the landlord to pay-out. AXA will pay the costs you incur for underground pipes if they burst or get damage and AXA pay for damaged cable work.

4. Subsidence cover is a requirement of some mortgage providers, mortgage providers will also want "Land-Slip" cover in policy, over the property you mortgage. AXA cover this and a lot landlord mortgage companies recommend AXA for this subsidence, ground heave and landslip cover.

Overall, AXA provides UK landlords with what they need to run their business, protect their properties from the worst and protect tenants and member of the public if things go wrong.

What does AXA's property owner’s liability cover?

Property owners' liability from AXA does a lot for you as a UK landlord, it pays up to £250 per day while you attend court (cover expenses for the day off you lose at work) and legal costs and expenses for claims if you (the UK landlord) have found to be responsible/negligent.

It covers expenses for data protection cover and personal liability cover for landlords.

Find out more on the AXA landlord insurance website - click here.


Do you need AXA landlord insurance?

Do don't need any landlord or buy-to-let insurance by UK law, but for a small annually or monthly fee, your building is at least protected if it crumbles to the ground or results in a total loss because of fire.

AXA tailors their policies focused on UK landlords, they mix things up from home insurance and make a policy perfect for the occasion, landlords properties tye rent out as they are a difference from home and buy-let landlord insurance.

And another good reason to choose AXA landlord insurance is the reliably and 24-hour access to your policy and not to mention first-class customer service.

From the AXA website...

From the AXA website...


AXA cover up to 10 properties in one block or umbrella policy and you can manage it online very easy - the systems cracking by the way.

Once you have a policy you can log in and add a property, remove a property, add extra cover for buy-to-let landlords and do things like pay your bills, change your bank details or new card number - they've spent the right money on that system and the good thing about that is you don't need to talk to them, only if you need to.

And you can change from monthly to annually with online billing.

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